Your Elected Officers

Our four Staffs students, much like yourself, are elected to lead and shape the direction of the Students' Union.

They are focussing on the issues that matter to you! So if you see them out and about, why not stop them for a chat, or add your big ideas to our online Better Staffs Forum.


Hannah Blackburn

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Len Stuart

Vice President
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Hayden Tsang

Vice President
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Anesu Choto

Vice President
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Easing the Cost of Living

Your Union Priorities

  1. Information and Advice
    1. Students are better informed about budgeting, their rights and skills that may help them during tough financial times.
  2. Events
    1. Keeping the cost down of our social events.
  3. Making Life Easier
    1. Students understand how the Unions' services offer value and free support.
  4. Lobbying for Increased Support
    1. We will successfully lobby for better support to help students thrive as well as just continue their studies.

Our Progress

  • Information and Advice

    • Officer cook-off
    • Budgeting advice workshops
    • Continued podcasts on budgeting and more detailed financial support
    • Specific apps and sites that assist in better deals/ free food/ heavily discounted items for smaller budgets
  • Events

    • Clothes Swap(s)
    • Tabletop sale(s)
  • Making Life Easier

    • Free cereal or morning toast in Ember.
    • Saving money but enjoying student life tips (i.e. bring your lunch and get a soda and lime in Ember)
  • Lobbying for Increased Support

    • More Support Fund money available
    • Additional funding to engage with student groups for free when in hardship
    • Additional support for public services students

Inclusivity for All

Your Union Priorities

  1. LGBT+
    1. Support opportunities for this community continue to develop, with good practice implemented and successes recognised.
  2. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    1. Our University becomes a more consciously inclusive environment for everyone, especially marginalised groups.
  3. Inclusive Student Groups
    1. Our student groups, through their student leaders, are equipped to operate in equitable and inclusive ways.
  4. Period Poverty?
    1. Students have sanitary products more readily available for free or at cost price wherever possible.

Our Progress

  • LGBT+

    • LGBT+ Conference
    • Accessible and Inclusive Spaces
    • LGBT+ Accommodation
    • Rainbow Laces
    • Review of Trans Inclusion Policy
    • Inclusive blood donations on campus
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    • Addressing Cultural Ignorance
    • Making Exceptional Circumstances More Accessible
    • EDI Training for University Staff
  • Inclusive Student Groups

    • Ally Programmes
    • Bystander Training
    • Inclusivity Framework
  • Period Poverty

    • Period Poverty extended provision

Building a Community

Your Union Priorities

  1. Welcome
    1. Students feel welcomed and that they belong at Staffs.
  2. "Team Staffs"
    1. Student Groups feel and celebrate a shared affinity for our identity as an institution.
  3. Student Media Development;
    1. Student Media outlets continue to grow in their output, engagement and visibility.
  4. Parents and Carers
    1. Students can engage with their studies more effectively thanks to better support and a sense of belonging/community.

Our Progress

  • Welcome

    • Delivering a brilliant Welcome and the Great Comeback 2
    • Campus Vibrancy: Events and Open Mics
    • No alcohol events programme
  • "Team Staffs"

    • Member Led Initiative: Connecting Networks and Societies
    • Branded Merch Available Beyond Stoke
    • Society and Club Spotlight
  • Student Media Development

    • Bucs coverage
  • Parents and Carers

    • Half Term Kids Clubs
    • Accessible Participatory Sports Offer for Mature/Parent Students
    • Child-Friendly Campus: Breastfeeding Spaces
    • Carer Passport
    • Family, Couples and Quiet Accommodation

Safety Awareness

Your Union Priorities

  1. Consent
    1. Students are better educated about consent and healthy relationships.
  2. Substance Abuse and Addiction
    1. Students are better informed about substance abuse and have more readily available access to support for addiction.
  3. Safety Anytime, Anywhere
    1. Students feel safer and know how they are kept and can keep themselves safe.

Our Progress

  • Consent

    • Consent Module
    • Healthy Relationships Training
    • Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Violence Campaigning
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction
  • Spiking Kits in Venues
    • Create an environment at Staffs where there is a supportive culture from the University around drugs in a health problem sense more than a damning sense.
  • Safety Anytime, Anywhere
  • Walk Me Home System
    • Library Angels
    • Safe Taxi Scheme
    • SafeZone
    • Safety Teams and Students Connected

Amplifying the Student Voice

Your Union Priorities

  1. Representation Beyond Stoke
    1. Student Voice is loud and clear from study sites outside of Stoke, with better engagement and clearer priorities identified from student contribution.
  2. Educating Our Students?
    1. Students can access resources and opportunities that make them feel more confident understanding their rights and opportunities.
  3. Accountability?
    1. Students understand how their Union and University work and can identify examples of where student voice has created change.

Our Progress

  • Representation Beyond Stoke

    • TBA
  • Educating Our Students

    • Development Resources
    • University Opportunities like Microcredentials
    • Mental Health Training
  • Accountability and Transparency

    • Improving Academic Mentoring
    • Study Space [and resources]
    • Quiet Study Spaces
    • 24/7 Campus
    • Lecture Capture Policy
    • Officer accountability