Your Elected Officers

Our four Staffs students, much like yourself, are elected to lead and shape the direction of the Students' Union.

They are creating game-changers on the issues that matter to you! So if you see them out and about, why not stop them for a chat, or add your big ideas to our online Better Staffs Forum.


Hannah Blackburn
Anthony Wallace
Vice President
Hayden Tsang
Vice President
Anesu Choto
Vice President
Hannah Blackburn Anthony Wallace Hayden Tsang Choto Anesu


Our Team Manifesto - Health and Wellbeing (Click here)
  1. Health and Wellbeing Activities; including as mental health lounges and dog destress days.  

    Officer team hug
  2. Training;  providing first aid and mental health first aid training for committees and department reps.  

  3. Improve Services; including increasing access to the gym and wellbeing services, providing funding for students for gym/sports/societies access and creating partnerships with Shelton Primary Care and external charities.  

  4. Sexual Health; including monthly STI drop-in slots and more accessible morning-after pills



  1. Led Amber Clip ArtHealth and Wellbeing Activities

  2. Led Amber Clip ArtTraining

  3. Led Amber Clip ArtImprove Services

  4. Led Amber Clip ArtSexual Health



Our Team Manifesto - Safety and Sustainability (Click here)
  1. Local and Campus Safety; including improving lighting to pathways on campus, introducing new schemesofficer team drinking a squeezebox drink such as the Walk my Home System and Safe Taxi Scheme, and improving our current systems, Ask Angela and the Union Angels.  

  1. Personal Safety; including offering self-defence classes, promoting apps such as HollyGuard, and working with the Cop Shop.  

  1. Lobbying for Sustainability; including accelerating current University plans for sustainability, promoting more cruelty-free products in shops, and looking into adding timers to light sources.  

  1. Activities to Promote Sustainability; including litter picks, jar donations and Halls Competitions.



  1. Led Amber Clip ArtLocal and Campus Safety;

  1. Led Amber Clip ArtPersonal Safety;  

  1. Led On Clip ArtLobbying for Sustainability; 

  1. Led On Clip ArtActivities to Promote Sustainability;

Our Team Manifesto - Activities, Events and Vibrancy (Click here)
  1. Bigger and Better Welcome; including as creating a Welcome Festiofficer team group shotval, and ensuring Welcome is more inclusive.  

  1. Celebrating Sports and Societies; including creating sports rallies, introducing the Charity Cup, and continuing society recognition and TeamTV.  

  1. Improving Events; including creating new events and holding holiday clubs for parents.



  1. Led Green Clip ArtBigger and Better Welcome;  

  1. Led Amber Clip ArtCelebrating Sports and Societies; 

  1. Led Amber Clip ArtImproving Events; 


Our Team Manifesto - Opportunities and Employability (Click here)
  1. Opportunities; including creating more internal placements, sourcing local apprenticeships and part-time jobs, and introducing cross-course projects.  

  1. Enhancing Employability; including running more job fairs, fully introducing Creativity Sells, and offering workshops and training courses.  officers looking up



  1. Led Amber Clip ArtOpportunities; 

  1. Led Amber Clip ArtEnhancing Employability


Our Team Manifesto - Inclusion, Accessibility and A Quality Experience (Click here)

Inclusion, Accessibility and A Quality Experience 

  1. Inclusion; improving our networks, increasing hidden disability awareness and closing the gap between Stoke and the satellite campuses.officers looking left  

  1. Accessibility;  focusing on equal access to period products, and keeping students informed.  

  1. The Campus Offer; including restructuring BUCS memberships, installing outdoor vending machines, introducing single night Rent-A-Rooms for next day exams, and refurbishing halls.  

  1. Student Voice on Key Issues; including ensuring a smooth transition to hybrid learning, and keeping students involved in key projects happening around campus.  



  1. Led Amber Clip ArtInclusion;  

  1. Led On Clip ArtAccessibility;

  1. Led On Clip ArtThe Campus Offer:

  1. Led Amber Clip ArtStudent Voice on Key Issues;