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Here at your Students' Union we want to empower you to make the changes you want to see on campus, in the local community, nationally and beyond! Across these pages, you can see some of the previous work done by the Union, Your Elected Officers (past and present) and other students, and find information on how to make some change of your own!

Events, ideas, and campaigns that are making significant change for the better at Staffs. 
Wanna get involved in one of our current projects? Wanna revive an old project? Have an idea for a new project we could do? Email us at to tell us about your ideas, and we'll enable and support it.

Here are some of the great things we are currently working on or have achieved:

My Postal Vote Hasn't Arrived! (And Other Postal Vote FAQs)
The title POSTAL VOTE FAQ in white, over a pink background, beside a grey envelope that opens to rev

With the General Election creeping closer, news has hit that there are issues with some of the postal votes - here's the info the Electoral Commission are sharing on the situation (and more!)

Voting As A Student - Get Election Ready
Bold text over a textured dark-grey background that reads "How to" (in white) "Vote" (in dark pink)

We've teamed up with the University to help you Get Election Ready! Check out this article for some helpful tips and tricks for understanding your rights as a student in this general election!

A Message From Vamsi on Indian Republic Day
A white background with blue, green and blue patterns and an image of Vamsi smiling and dressed smar

A short message from Vamsi, Computer Games Design student & International Engagement Coordinator, to mark Indian Republic Day.

Exceptional Circumstances: The Guide

Sometimes, life can throw unexpected and unavoidable things your way that impact your ability to complete your work. That's when Exceptional Circumstances comes in...