Make a Change

Here at your Students' Union we want to empower you to make the changes you want to see on campus, in the local community, nationally and beyond! Across these pages, you can see some of the previous work done by the Union, Your Elected Officers (past and present) and other students, and find information on how to make some change of your own!

Events, ideas, and campaigns that are making significant change for the better at Staffs. 
Wanna get involved in one of our current projects? Wanna revive an old project? Have an idea for a new project we could do? Email us at to tell us about your ideas, and we'll enable and support it.

Here are some of the great things we are currently working on or have achieved:

The Safe Taxi Scheme
Hannah safe taxi

Get Home Safe: Pay Later

Period Poverty
Hannah Blackburn

FREE Period products available across campus (Stoke, London and Stafford) from Wed 10th May.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week
Beat - Eating Disorder awareness week

Eating Disorder Awareness Week is a campaign run by Beat to put eating disorders in the spotlight.

Better Staffs
Better staffs 2022

Do you have an idea to make something better at your University, your Union or the world?