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Splatoon society Meet
9th June 6pm - 9pm
The set date and time for members of the Splatoon society to meet and play together



A Fantastic Finish to Worlds 2022 at Staffs!

After a fresh start to the Staffs League of Legends Society, members and friends gathered around to attend the Worlds 2022 Finals last night to witness the historic clash between greats - Faker and Deft.

Esports Varsity 2022

Although main varsity may be over, We have a chance to redeem ourselves by clashing with Keele once again!

Wake Up On Trent Event
Wake up on trent event

WUOT was a success!

Grab custom esports apparel!

Whether you play for Staffordshire Stampede or the London Rampage, grab your own custom jersey or hoodie!

Could you be the first NUEL/NSE esports rep?

Apply to make a difference to esports representation at Staffs

Esports Hub

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