40 Career Team Members supporting 160 Student Team Members and 600+ Volunteers to achieve one vision:

Every Student will be
Proud to be a Part of Staffs



88% of our people would recommend your Students' Union as a good place to work

About Union Team Members

Union Team Members are essential to all of our services here at your Students' Union. Our team are everywhere on campus; making amazing hand-crafted drinks as baristas, preparing mouthwatering food and drink in bar and kitchen roles, delivering amazing customer service in our retail outlets and providing administrative support behind the scenes. These roles are exclusively available to current Staffordshire University Students and are perfectly matched to work alongside your studies.

We recruit for Union Team Members annually in August , with opportunities for our team to apply to train and develop as a Team Leader arising regularly throughout the year.

Reasons to be Proud

Exclusively for Staffordshire University students

Fortnightly payroll with living wage rates

Flexible hours supporting your studies

Convenient on campus bases of work

Learning opportunities at our core

Amazing, friendly colleagues and managers

Holiday Pay earned at 14.5% per hour worked

Team Leader and Duty Team Leader Opportunities

Being part of a Best Bar None Gold organisation

Protecting your planet with a Green Impact Excellent Union

88% of our people would recommend your Students' Union as a good place to work

2023-2024 People Survey

About our Career Team Members

To support our students, our volunteers and our Union Team Members to be the very best they can be we have a team of career staff - professionals, who are experts in what they do. These wonderful people deal with much of the behind the scenes work, enabling the amazing work of our student community and developing our charity. Our career team support every area of our work, including our student services (advice, representation, engagement and activities), our enterprises (lettings, coffee shops, retail outlets, bars and kitchens) and our shared services (marketing, HR and finance).

Opportunities to begin a career with your Students' Union arise occasionally, with a range of fixed-term and trainee roles often arising in the lead up to September each year.

Reasons to be Proud

Monthly payroll with competitive living wage salaries

Flexible annualised hours arrangements

Convenient on campus bases of work

Committed to supporting continued professional development

Amazing, friendly colleagues and managers

Generous holiday allowances including bank holidays

Perks including access to software and cycle to work scheme

Easy to understand matched contribution pensions

Being part of a Best Bar None Gold organisation

Protecting your planet with a Green Impact Excellent Union

About our Self-Employment Opportunities

Here at your Students' Union we're proud of the amazing range of services and opportunities we offer to make sure that your experience at Staffs is excellent. Behind the scenes, our Marketing and Communications team makes sure that you know about what we're doing, producing high quality and engaging content so that you are Proud to be Staffs. New for 2021-2022, we're introducing our Creative Support Team; a team of talented people from our University community who will help us to create this amazing quality content, whilst working as a self-employed freelancer.

Specifically, we're looking for Graphic Designers, Video Content Creators and Digital Animators but welcome other talented people to come forward to discuss our opportunities.

To get involved, you will need to complete our registration, telling us a little bit about and providing a link to your portfolio, or some examples of your work. All registrants will be automatically given access to our Microsoft Teams community for our Creative Support Team, where you'll be able to view and accept upcoming contracts for projects.

Reasons to be Proud

Supportive environment for new and existing entrepreneurs

Fair and flexible contract agreements with competitive rates

Enjoy total control of your work, hours and working arrangements

Available to anybody with a creative talent


Taking Action on Inclusion

We're proud to be a friendly and inclusive team here at your Students' Union. We work hard to create an environment where all our people (our students, our employees and our volunteers) can confidently be themselves in and around their SU.

You've probably heard this all before. But here at Staffs Union, we mean it. We want every member of our community to be true to themselves and not feel it necessary to change how they act, think and present themselves just to 'fit in'

We may be proud of what we have achieved so far, but it's not enough. We are committed to continually improving the culture of our charity and our community to be truly inclusive for everyone. We're not scared to admit that we still have a lot to learn.

Of course, we welcome applications to join us from all people in our community. However, we strongly encourage people who are female, people of colour and transgender people to apply to join our team as we want to better represent our community in our work, our culture and our future.

Contact Us

If you have any questions relating to your employment, if you're struggling to find something or just having one of those days, please contact Kate in your Employability and HR Team.

Call: 01782 294629

Email: UnionHR@staffs.ac.uk

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