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Get Involved with your Union

Join a club or society

Every year at Staffs there are a number of great clubs or societies which you can join. From the ultimate frisbee club, to the Star Trek society, you run it all.



Student Group Leadership Roles


Our Student Group Managers are truly amazing people, that hold our groups together and make us really Proud to be Staffs. They hold overall responsibility for the group, includes it's people, money and assets.
A Student Group Manager might expect to have the following responsibilities:

  • To hold overall responsibilities for the operations, activities and financing of the Student Group

  • To manage the committee and other volunteers to fulfil the purpose of the group

  • To ensure that the policies and procedures of the Students’ Union are adhered to at all times and in all activities

  • To represent the Student Group as its main spokesperson

  • To make your members Proud to be Staffs

They say that money makes the world go round and for our Student Groups, that's certainly true! The Finance Officer’s role is to ensure that the groups' funds are used to achieve incredible things and to work with the SU to make them happen. The finance officer may expect their duties to include:

  • Overseeing and managing budgets, accounts and financial statements, supported by the Student Engagement Team

  • Liaise with the Student Engagement Team and Finance Teams of the Students’ Union

  • Ensure that all purchases and fundraising activities are done in accordance with SU policy and procedures

  • Develop and deliver fundraising activities, if deemed appropriate by the Society Management team.

The role of the Communications Officer is to support the group by making sure that everyone knows about the amazing things you are planning and doing. The normal duties of the Communications Officer would include:

  • Working with the manager and members to plan meetings, events and socials

  • Work closely with the Students’ Union Marketing Team to promote and develop the image of the group

  • Planning and running activities to engage the members of the group in activities and events

  • Responding to messages on Social Media, email addresses or the Students’ Union website


Employability Toolkit

Your time at University isn't just an opportunity for academic work and partying, you can also further your employability by volunteering with many different organisations through the Union.