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Get Involved with your Union

Join a club or society

Every year at Staffs there are a number of great clubs or societies which you can join. From the ultimate frisbee club, to the Star Trek society, you run it all. Here are just a few of the clubs and societies you can join this year:

    What is an Academic Rep?

    Academic reps are here to ensure the student voice is heard. This means whenever you have problems on your course, you inform your rep and they will do their best to fix that issue for you.

    Be a part of the Student Academic Partnership

    Work alongside University academic or service staff, to create something which benefits all those at Staffs

    Digital Champions

    Some content here explaining the digital champion scheme


    Employability Toolkit

    Your time at University isn't just an opportunity for academic work and partying, you can also further your employability by volunteering with many different organisations through the Union.