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Celebrating Excellence: 'We Are Staffs Awards' 2024 Recap!
We Are Staffs Awards' 2024

What a night it was at the 'We Are Staffs Awards' 2024! Staffordshire University's Student Union was buzzing with excitement as we gathered to honour Continue Reading

Spotlight of the Week – Staffordshire University Dance Club
staffs uni dance society

Dance lovers rejoice! This week, we are going to introduce a group of students who have a real love for dance. Meet the Staffordshire University DanceContinue Reading

Spotlight of the Week – SAMS Society
Spotlight SAMS

Hello students! This week in Spotlight we are introducing you to a society that might interest many of you as it's popularity is growing worldwide! ThContinue Reading

Spotlight of the Week – Guild of Assassins
Spotlight Guild of Assassins

This week in Spotlight, we have a society that shares a collective passion to hunt and “assassinate” each other using foam darts and various traps to Continue Reading

Spotlight of the Week – Goth Society
Spotlight of the Week – Goth Society

This week in the Spotlight, we are introducing a fairly new place where things are dark and scary! Yes, we are talking about Staffs new Goth Society! Continue Reading

Student Group(s) of the Month: March - Team Tavern

Tavern Night bought not one, not two but five student groups together for an epic collaboration!Continue Reading