Students' Union
Top 10 Wins of your Officer Team

Wed 12 Feb 2020

Your Officer Team works hard to make change for you, and achieving 'wins', but what does that actually mean?

Students' Union
Circuit Laundry. Time for a #BetterStaffs

Tue 11 Feb 2020

Circuit has been an issue for students in accommodation for many years

Students' Union
2020 Wallplanner is live!

Mon 20 Jan 2020

Check out all of the events and activities from now until March.

Students' Union
Our Skin, Our Stories: Jessica Longmore

Wed 15 Jan 2020

A lecturer in Fine Art shares her experiences

Students' Union
Proud to be Hog Friendly

Thu 19 Dec 2019

Hedgehog in leaves

Proud To Be a Hedgehog Friendly Campus!
Here at Staffs - our students and staff alike have been aiming to help and protect our hedgehogs!

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OMG Radio show wins most prestigious student radio award in UK!

Thu 14 Nov 2019

Congratulations to "Love, Art & Radio Resistance".

Students' Union
The Smart Zone is open!

Thu 14 Nov 2019

Staffordshire University logo with Smart Zone logo

See the highlights from the Smart Zone opening in Mellor building!

Students' Union
The BAME Attainment Gap | #BlackHistoryMonth

Wed 30 Oct 2019

Blog by Staffordshire University Vice Chancellor, Liz Barnes

Students' Union
Voice Conference & Your Department Reps 2019-2020

Sun 13 Oct 2019

Students' Union
The #BetterStaffs Action Plan | October 2019

Thu 24 Oct 2019

The Union logo and #ProudToBeStaffs

You told us your ideas, we listened. Read the next steps.

Students' Union
Students who are #ProudToBeBlack

Wed 23 Oct 2019

nom and friend

Nom and her flatmate share some traditional family recipes in their kitchen.

Students' Union
'Black enough' | #BlackHistoryMonth

Mon 21 Oct 2019

"Being black - or being black enough - became a part of my every day, lived experience." Read Leah's story.

Students' Union
BHM's Top 12 Must See List!

Mon 14 Oct 2019

Do you know your black history? You will by the time you've read and watched all this!

Students' Union
Lecturers who are #ProudToBeBlack

Wed 09 Oct 2019

Because we believe it's important to see yourself represented in Higher Education.

Students' Union
What even is a Students' Union?!

Mon 07 Oct 2019

Would you be able to answer this question?

Students' Union
Could you be one of our next Student Trustees?

Fri 04 Oct 2019

Help shape your Students' Union by becoming one of our Student Trustees for the year ahead.

Students' Union
Why Black History Month Matters

Tue 01 Oct 2019

Your Union Vice President, Geeta Lal, talks about the importance of Black History Month

Students' Union
Top tips for LGBT+ students coming to Staffs!

Mon 02 Sep 2019

We asked students who identify as LGBT+ to tell us a bit about how they settled into Uni.

Students' Union
#ProudToBeBlack in Biology

Tue 01 Oct 2019

Black Staffs students and alumni from the Biology Department share their achievements

Students' Union
Sport at Staffs and why you should Give It A Go

Fri 23 Aug 2019

Hear from the clubs themselves why you should join

Students' Union
Why we've got #Pride at Staffs Union all year round

Tue 11 Jun 2019

Students' Union
Allies Programme

Fri 07 Jun 2019

Photo of the LGBT+ Allies

Last week we joined students, staff and friends around the University to launch the new Allies Programme.

Students' Union
GradEX 2019 - Meet The Students

Thu 06 Jun 2019

GradEX logo.

GradEX gives graduating students an opportunity to showcase themselves and their work to industry professionals! We managed to grab a few students for a chat about their GradEX presentations...

Students' Union
Campus Walking Maps

Fri 01 Feb 2019

walking maps

The University have put together some easy walks to get you active - take a break and enjoy a stroll.

Students' Union
Best Bar None Once Again!

Thu 11 Apr 2019

Did you know that our Union Venues have (once again) received Gold Standard ‘Best Bar None’?

Students' Union
Top tips for keeping your home safe and secure

Thu 14 Mar 2019

Find out the best ways to keep your home safe and secure

Students' Union
Staffs Cheer Squad making us #ProudToBeStaffs

Thu 11 Apr 2019

The Scorpions killed it in recent ICE cooler competition!

Students' Union
PANTS Campaign!

Thu 14 Mar 2019

Giving pants to Brighter Futures!

Students' Union
There's #NoExcuse for Islamaphobia and hate crime at Staffs

Wed 20 Mar 2019

Find out how you can be an #UPSTANDERnotbystander

Students' Union
Can You Go A Month Without Plastic?

Thu 07 Jun 2018

More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year. Half of it comes from disposable plastics that are only used once before being thrown away.

Students' Union
Top Tips for #StaffsWelcome...

Wed 05 Sep 2018

...from the Mature, Parent & Carer Network

Students' Union
The Great Plastic Pick Up

Wed 23 May 2018

We're getting involved with the nations biggest litter pick!

Students' Union
Eco Ember Refurb

Wed 25 Apr 2018

The new look Ember Lounge doesn't just look great, it has some environmental credentials to match

Students' Union
Be a Green Heart Champion ??

Mon 21 May 2018

The Climate Coalition


Students' Union
Pledge in the fight against single use plastic

Wed 02 May 2018

Students' Union
We're Switched On To Turning Off - Resource Report

Tue 10 Apr 2018

Watts Happening

The 2017/18 utility update is here - and it's more good news!

Students' Union
SSS 2018 - Your chance to win £200

Fri 09 Mar 2018

SSS2018 Win £200 of Vouchers

Complete the SSS2018 and enter the competition to win £200 of supermarket vouchers

Students' Union
Reducing our Carbon Emissions With Enterprise

Fri 06 Apr 2018

Emission Impossible

With help from Enterprise we've made nearly 3000 miles of driving in to an eco-dream.

Students' Union
Catch up on some great eco ideas from the BBC

Mon 24 Apr 2017

Students' Union
The Great Donate 2018

Fri 27 Apr 2018

Be part of something big, volunteer with the Great Donate 2018

Students' Union
Our Recycling Update

Thu 05 Apr 2018

Trash Talk

We're not rubbish at recycling...

Students' Union
The Winners of our 'Snap for Cash' Competition!

Fri 06 Apr 2018

Snap 4 Cash

Our lucky winners bagged themsleves £20 cash after entering our competition.

Students' Union
Our Survey Says...

Mon 12 Mar 2018

Had your say?

Over 90% of students want action on single use plastic.

Students' Union
Sustainable Union: Green Conversations in London

Tue 27 Feb 2018

NUS HQ, London

Vice President Sam Pillow travelled to London last week for his quarterly Environmental Sustainability Advisory Board meeting at NUS headquarters. There the group spent the time planning a better involvement with parliament, upcoming sustainability campaigns for national universities to adopt, and a big ask for lecturers.

Students' Union
Have a Very Eco Christmas

Wed 18 Dec 2019

We Ho-Ho-Hope you have yourself a very merry-environmentally-friendly Christmas. Take a look at these top tips to enjoy yourself without sacrificing the environment too!

Students' Union
Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 - Come on in

Mon 26 Feb 2018

Fairtrade Fortnight

From the 26th February to March 11th the Fairtrade Foundation are celebrating ethical trade - Come on in

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Your Students’ Union venues are ‘Best Bar None’ GOLD!

Mon 25 Jun 2018

We've won a ‘Best Bar None’ Gold Accredited Award!

Students' Union
National Tree Week

Fri 01 Dec 2017

It was Tree-mendous

Students' Union
Dr. Bike Returns To Ember Square For 2017-18

Fri 22 Sep 2017

Dr Bike

Dr Bike is returning to Ember Square to give your bike a free check-up and offer advice about renting a bike for a year!