What is an "Academic Representative"?

It's super simple! Every course in the University should have a 'course rep', a student to represent your interests and concerns in important meetings with lecturers and staff. Your department will also have a representative to help feed back wider issues you might have in your studies. We want to help improve academic and non-academic life in any way we can - our reps are here to help improve your studying experience. 

Course vs Department Rep - What's the difference?

So a Course Rep is someone who represents your Course, on any level/year, across the university. They attend meetings a year as a way of formally feeding back to your university staff - lecturers and course leaders -  over any issues on your course. Every course at every level should have a Course Rep. 

Meanwhile, a Department Rep represents your wider department as a whole - there are 1-2 of these for all departments in the university. They meet more with higherups - people like Associate Deans of Students and Deans with your Elected Officers. They also sit on the Student Rep Council to help make sure your Full-Time Officers are held to account by you guys. 

Image of how Academic Representation Works, Students report to Course Reps, who report to Department Reps, who report to Sabbatical Officers.    

Who's my Rep, how do I get involved? 

We are running elections for you to stand in on the Students Union website. Anyone can stand to be in an election, with your coursemates voting for you to be their representative. You can come up with a manifesto to say why you think you’d suit the role. More info will be on here as soon as nominations are open! Definitely check out Hubs Rep as soon as you’re elected to get all the relevant info on training sessions and meetings

Once they've been you can search up your course to find out who your rep is!

I’m already a Course/Department Rep. What do I do next?

If you've already been elected as a Rep, please let us know already on! We want to make sure you're fully supported. You can also head over to the Resource Hub, where you as an Academic Rep have access to some resources to help you. 

I'm a member of academic staff, what do I do?

We've developed your very own resource - a 'Tools for Schools' for you to be able to help run the smoothest online elections for your courses' reps! 


Any questions?


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