What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is a summary of the perspectives, experiences, opinions and ideas of Staffordshire University students. 

This goes for everyone; whether you're an Apprentice, studying at Distance or at a College partnered with Staffs, studying your PhD or if you're on a standard undergraduate course.

How does Academic Representation Work?

There are three kinds of Academic Rep: Course Reps, Department Reps and Full Time Officers.

Their role is to work to our principles of representation: Listen to the students they represent, Speak about the change students want to see and then Share the outcome of their work.

The Union exists to improve academic and co-urricular life in any way we can, so your reps are here to help improve your studying experience.

Image of how Academic Representation Works, Students report to Course Reps, who report to Department Reps, who report to Sabbatical Officers.


What's the difference between these Reps?

Course Reps represent their level (year) of their Course. As well regular conversation with course mates and teaching staff, they attend meetings a year as a way of formally feeding back any module or course issues to the University. Every course at every level should have a Course Rep, though depending on the size and delivery of your course, you may have more reps, or share one with another level.

Department Reps represent groups of courses across related fields (e.g. Fine Art is a course withing the Humanities & Arts Department). As well as talking to students and Course Reps in their department, these reps also meet with more senior staff (like the Head of Department and Associate Deans of Students). They also have regular meetings with Full-Time Officers and sit on your Union's Representative Council.

Full Time Officers (or Sabbatical Officers) represent all Staffs students but focus their attention by taking two of the University's six Schools each, with the President taking oversight across all Schools. They have regular meetings with Associate Deans and Deans of their Schools, as well as the University Executive, who are the University's most senior staff members. You can find out more about Officers here.

How do I get involved? 

If you want to be a Course Rep, look out for The Student Voice Team, Officers or other Union Team Members popping up in a lecture during your first couple of weeks to speak about what being a rep is all about and to hold an in-class election.

You can also fill in this form* to express an interest; the Student Voice Team will get back to you with more info.

*form under construction

If you're interested in becoming a Department Rep, you'll need to nominate yourself online. The deadline for this is Sunday 29th September at midnight, but before then you can check in with the Student Voice Team for more info.

Whether for Course or Department Rep, if you're interested we're also holding two "#LeadTheChange and be a Rep" drop-ins on the Friday of Welcome Week (20th September) in Stoke and a Webinar session that afternoon for anyone to find out more.

I have an issue that I need some support with!

If you're facing a challenge that you need some support with, please fill out the form below. The Student Voice Team can pick it up and will be in touch within 5 Working Days to see how we can support you to a positive outcome. Remember that you can also get in touch if you want to discuss any issue you may have. 

So, you've got a success story? Let us know so we can shout about it!

We'd love to shout about all the hard work you've been doing as part of your Course or Department Rep role. Complete the form below so we can shout about your success online, in person, everywhere!


Who's my Rep?

Once your Rep has been elected, we add them to our database so you can search for them and get in touch! Simply follow the link to find out who your rep is.

I’m already a Course Rep. What do I do next?

If you've already been elected as a Rep, please let us know by dropping a message to! We want to make sure you're fully supported and equipped to represent your peers and to get the most out of the experience. You can also head over to the Resource Hub, where you as an Academic Rep have access to some resources to help you. 

I'm a member of academic staff, what do I do?

We have a separate page that handles some of our Staff FAQ's and has links to further resources and top tips here.


Any questions?


Telephone | 01782 294687

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