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Cheerleading Club



Cheerleading is a popular sport that encorporates dance, jumps, gymnastics and stunting. Each session will be dedicated to improving flexibility, strength and skills needed to be part of a competitive cheerleading team. If you WANT to JOIN the team there is NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!!! - Everyone can come alone and learn new skills and be part of the team. Cheerleading welcomes anyone of all abilities. 

2017/18 IF YOU WANT TO JOIN PLEASE COME AND SEE US IN THE SPORTS HALL ON THE 20TH SEPTEMBER - There are 'Give it a go' sessions you can sign up to there!!!


Since the Scarlettes cheer team was founded in 2003 the team has continued to develop each year and has taken national and regional titles at major cheerleading competitions. We currently have three teams ranging from Level 1, Level 2 , individua stunt groups and our brand new edition is a HIP HOP TEAM!! Which is running for the first time this year. These are all competitive teams and its a great atmosphere performing around the university and on the nationals floor representing Staffs!!


PRESIDENT/Club manager: Annie Thompson

Making it all happen! Making sure that the club runs smoothly all year round!

Finance Officer: Ryan Ward 

Helping us with funding, equipment,fundraising, and development and all the teams expenses! 

Communications Officer: Pandora Elcox

Spreading the word about cheer around university, getting everyone involved in socials and being the core of communication within the team!



We always have a presence on campys and support at various games around campus for our fellow sports teams!

We also perform at city of sport events throughout the year!

Varsity: We show off our skills in March in front of the stands at the football stadium and/or Basketball!

We compete at national competitions and have lots of opportunities to perform at different ones around the country!


Training times for 2017/18 are:

--- Training Times ---

Monday: 6pm - 8pm  LRV ( Hip hop)

Wednesday : 7-8.30am Stanley Matthews Sports Hall ( Stunt/Varsity)

Friday : 6.30 -8.30pm Stanley Matthews Sports hall

Sunday: 10pm - 12pm Stanley Matthews Sports Hall


Cheerleading Peformances/ Achievements 

Performing at the opening ceremony for the European City of Sport 

Performing at European Champions table tennis England vs Greece



If you would like any information or to ask any further questions do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page 'Staffordshire Scarlettes Cheerleading Squad' or Twitter @StaffsCheer



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