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Think you're the next Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis or maybe Michael Van Gerwen, you don't have to be in the PDC or the BDO to join us if you’re the next Phil Taylor or just want to improve your game then we're the group for you.

We are associate mebers of University Darts UK and will be participating in their events, the only way to participate in the UDUK tournaments and represent Staffordshire University is through us.

The society is committed to providing a dartboard for all to use, holding a yearly championship, sending a Nine person team to the UK University Darts Championships and lastly to develop talent by holding as many tournaments as possible.

All are welcome so don't feel affraid to start picking up a dart even if you've never picked one up before in your life because we all have to start somewhere.

If you need tips on how to improve you're game of darts we recomend watching these two video's by 1988 BDO world champion and founder member of the PDC 'The Limestone Cowboy' Bob Anderson - Instruction on How to Shoot - How to practice.

Tournament information will be posted on this page soon.

It only costs £5 to join and its a great night out at the LRV.