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Snowsports Club



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Socials are arranged every week during term time, we mix these nights up with:

  • Monday's student night in Hanley
  • Gobble @ LRV on Wednesday, often following a two hour slope session at Chill Factore. 
  • Refresh @ LRV (Friday)
Annual holidays to the Alps

Our trips are very well priced and include:

  • Executive return coach travel/ferry crossing.
  • Accommodation.
  • 6 day lift pass.
  • Free SUSC official holiday tee/stickers.
  • Offers on drinks in resort and special events.
  • Free equipment coach carriage for those who have their own.
You can join here on the site by placing the membership below in your shopping basket.


At 180m long, Chill Factore is the UK’s longest indoor skiing and snowboarding slope, As a SUSC member you'll be offered great deals on recreational lift passes, lessons and freestyle events. We run trips to Chill Factorevery month usually before on of the union nights out at either LRV or Couture. Find out more about the facility below.

'NUCO Travel is a revolution for the future of snowsports holidays. NUCO are an independent company who offer a more professional, higher quality of service than is currently available to the student snowsports market.

The team is formed from a number of elite winter-sports travel experts, who combine all their skills and industry experience to bring something new, professional, and fresh to an ever-evolving market.'

NUCO Travel are the chosen tour operator for the 2016 SUSC winter trip, as mentioned above, details of where SUSC will be tearing up this season will be announced very soon. As a SUSC member you are eligible to book any of the holidays that we offer through NUCO, you won't believe the price and what is in included.

'The Governing Body for English skiers and snowboarders is recognised by Sport England, the SRA (Sport and Recreational Alliance) and the British Olympic Association. It is a Federation of member clubs and associated individuals with a current aggregate membership of 25,000 skiers.'

Snowsport England's primary goal is to increase the number of people actively participating in snowsport activities. They offer unparrelled support with networking, arranging events and helping to fund a variety of events including entrance to BUCS competitions.


It's not too shabby being a snowsports club in the UK and having a dry slope a little over a mile from one of your campuses. 

Stoke Ski Centre offers SUSC members excellent rates on recreational open skiing/snowboarding and a variety of lessons, suitable for absolute beginners right up to experienced freestylers.

The coaches are sound and very knowledgeable.

Ember is our meeting area for our socials before we head to Gobble over at LRV.

Members can enjoy deals on drinks and food during pre-booked socials upon production of your SUSC membership card.

Our biggest and most influential sponsor, The University's SU oversees our operations and provides funding so that the club can excel to its greatest potential. 


Trespass are a leading outdoor clothing, equipment and footwear retailer with 200+ stores throughout the UK and abroad. Staffs Snow receive 10% off Trespass outdoor gear. Check our closed Facebook group for discount code and enter at checkout on Online only. Code may be changed/withdrawn at any time in the event of misuse.


Nevisport was founded in 1970 in Fort William, by two rock climbers, lifelong friends and mountaineering partners who had become dissatisfied with the poor selection of climbing equipment found in existing UK stores. In addition to selling climbing gear, they added a selection of camping equipment to the first store in hopes of making a living from the hobby that had turned into a viable business.

Visit the wintersports section of Nevisport at

The Committee

Ivan Terziev - Club President (Skiier)

2nd Year Games Design 


Ravi Dawda - Finance Officer (Skiier)

2nd Year Mechanical Engineering 

Jordan Atkins - Communications Officer (Skiier)

2nd Year Games Design


If you have any questions about the club or joining you can contact us the following ways:


Hope to see you on the slopes soon!!!



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