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Project Earth Society is a group of (eco)friendly people who just want to do their bit and make this world a better place, starting with our campus.


Whether you're just getting used to recycling or are a hardcore activist, this is the society for you.

Join us to get involved with;
- tips on living more eco-friendly,
- group socials,
- making posters and placards,
- joining our fellow ecowarriors at protests,
- making change here on campus,
- & opportunity for free tickets to a sustainability conference too!

*Main campaigns;
- Staffordshire University Climate Change Demands
- Hedgehog Heroes! (Hedgehog Friendly Campus)
- DivestInvest (fossilfuels)
- Veganuary
- Student Switch Off
- SDGTeachIn
- The Great Donate

Basically, if you're feeling this eco-anxiety and want to try and make a difference, or you're just genuinely a good egg, let's come together and make a change here at Staffs.

Become a member for FREE:

*if you want to make a change but don't see your campaign listed, don't worry! let us know and we'll see what we can do to help!

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