Welcome to the Sustainability Society homepage      2018-2019!

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to get info on... What we are up to and when, Sustainable Food Tips, Creative ideas, Sustainable alternatives to doing stuff (that can save money and be better for you!) and Useful tips and news about the local area and its sustainabile events.


Events and Activities for this year;

  • Socials -- Movie Nights and Regularly outdoor stuff
  • Competitions --  Such as ... The Repurpose (Creative comp encouraging members to repurpose old stuff thats no longer used) and Build It Up!! (Building famous landmarks out of used products) 
  • Volunteering in the local community
  • Debates -- Such as .....The Disscusion (A debate on the sustainable news and events from the year supported by a nice meal and friendly atmospehere)  
  • Wildlife interactions
  • Donations 


Prior and Ongoing activies include;

  • Recycling Focus groups with the university
  • Sustainability Competitions such as... "Sustainable Enterprise all-nighter"
  • Involvement with the unions 'The Market' 
  • The Great Donate campaign
  • Socials

...And many more!

We look forward to seeing you this year!

From your committee,
Chloe, Katherine and Korinna :)