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Idol Society 

Hello and welcome to the Idol Society! We are the stage stars of Staffordshire University! We are unique individuals that bonded over a love of idol culture and wish to share that dream with as many stars as possible!  

What are idols?

Idols are entertainers that perform their own songs, or covers of other popular songs live to an audience. They're cute, sexy, fun and usually just a bunch of loveable dorks. Examples of idol groups are BTS, Seventeen, BlackPink, AOA and Twice! No matter what kind of music you listen to or your performing experience, being an idol isn't all about showing your own smile. It's about putting a smile on those who see you having fun! 

What do we do?

For our sessions, we have different sections which include mirrored dances, random dance playlists, learning dances together and more! Despite our focus on idol culture, this does not limit us to music from other countries. Some of our idols prefer to focus on western songs or contemporary styles. 

I haven't danced before but I want to join...

That's amazing! Idol is for the people who have always dreampt of being part of a dance group but never had the courage to or felt like they weren't great at dancing. We welcome anyone of any talent and will help you learn techniques, moves and skills so you can say "Yes I can dance like Taemin".

How could I contribute to our shining team?

Anyone is able to join us, we're always excited to have new members! We promote confidence and encourage our members to try new things through the power of dance! Even if you don't want to dance there are always things you can do to help the Idol society! Below are a few examples:

  • Idols: Our stars on the stage and in our online videos. These people try their best to show the world directly what they're made of!
  • Technicians: Our stars that never fade. Although not centre stage, these members assist from beyond the scene, including (and not limited to) choreographers, film crew, FX specialists and advertisers!

When do we meet?

We meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 5-9pm. Our sessions are held within L410 in the Flaxman building. 

Who runs the society?

Our committee members are as follows:

Manager: Peter
Finance: Sam
Communications: Joy

So far that’s all you need to know, so come on down and see us! Drop us an email if you want to know about future plans.

For Welcome Week, come to our fun Give it a Go session on the 19th September (Thursday) AND the 24th of September (Tuesday) in our usual room Flaxman L410 starting at 5PM!


We hope to perform with you soon!  

All artwork displayed drawn by @sanjichwan (Instagram)