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Weekly LANs, Pro play screenings, Esports/NUEL, Have a blast with friends!

Staffordshire University League of Legends Society

This is the League of Legends Society, a place where players from hardened veterans to fresh noobs can gather and enjoy themselves!

We have a discord linked, which is our central hub for communication, however facebook and email are also available.

Game is free, so in spirit it feels wierd to charge a fee for this society. 



Weekly LAN parties hosted in rooms C117A/B from 1400:-17:00

League has been made available on uni pcs so you don't have to lug in your rig!

We do have permission to bring our own peripherals, I recommend you do this if you can 'cos the uni ones are very used and can be...sticky *puke*.

You don't just have to play at these, you can talk strategy, watch streams, just chill in general and connect with other players at the uni.



If you're intersted in upping your competitive game, this society could be what you need to step it up! At Staffs we have teams competing in the NUEL university championships, be sure to sign up before the cutoff dates!


Pro Play Veiwing Parties: 

LCS, Rift Rivals, Allstars, World's on the big screen! Hosted locally in one of the campus lecture theatres or visiting a venue for the action!


Anything goes really:

This society at heart is here for you to enjoy yourself! Sessions won't be rigid to one activity!