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Our committee consists of 4 members who you can access at any time if you have questions :) General Managers - Sheralyn and Rebecca Finances - Kiela Communications - Kai

A society for those who want to meet new people with the interest of knitting but also a place for those to learn a new skill which can be used in the future! We're open to all levels of skill :)

Can't sew a button? So what! Come along and we'll teach you!

Always wanted to knit but been to shy? Come down and we'll help you along the way :)

Sadly due to COVID-19, we wont be able to provide equipment for those joining in 2020, but we will happily send links to what is needed. I do hope all those who want to join us understand :)

We plan on having 2 sessions, one that's dedicated to teaching and one that's dedicated to relaxing and continuing projects that we have started in the week. 

This year we will hopefully be having a mix of online and face to face sessions, but our face to face sessions will be limited due to COVID-19 measures but this won't stop our fun!

There meeting will be held on Monday (6-8 pm/18:00-20:00) and Friday (5-8 pm/17:00-20:00)