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Our committee consists of 4 members who you can access at any time if you have questions :) General Managers - Sheralyn and Rebecca Finances - Kiela Communications - Kai

A society for those who want to meet new people with the interest of knitting but also a place for those to learn a new skill which can be used in the future! We're open to all levels of skill :)

Can't sew a button? So what! Come along and we'll teach you!

Always wanted to knit but been to shy? Come down and we'll help you along the way :)

Every membership comes with basic wool and starting needles, but if you have your own stuff feel free to bring that along too!

We plan on having 2 sessions, one that's dedicated to teaching and one that's dedicated to relaxing and continuing projects that we have started in the week. 

We will be in the Flaxman building in L514! Keep this in mind but if it changes I will say

There meeting will be held on Monday (6-8 pm/18:00-20:00) and Friday (5-8 pm/17:00-20:00)