ACS promises to include education, fun and new experiences to each of our events.

Our aim is to create an innovative university experience through a celebration of culture, music, history and education, to encourage and empower growth throughout our community, creating a platform for talents and individuals to come together, shine in a host of our uniquely diverse events & to be the glue that brings all the different cultures together in the university.


What we want to achieve:

  • Equality amongst the University

  • Inclusion amongst all ethnic backgrounds

  • Educate Everyone about the Afro-Caribbean Culture

As a  member you can:

  • Get discounts to our events and occassioanlly go free entry to our events on campus.
  • Be first to know any events we have.
  • Interacting with us and let your opinion be heard  and feel comfrtable with the Staffordshire University Community.

Our membership fee is £2.50. it is best to either pay through the student union website. If you are having troubles purchasing your memebrship please contact a committee member for assistance.


Staffordshire ACS Presents Your 2018/2019 Acs Committee !!!

Co-Presidents: Pesh & Christoph

Communications Officer: Dorcas

Finance Officer:  Jodie

Social Secretary: Rhiannon

Sports Officer: Sam & Darren

Team Coordinator: Tailar



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