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This is a student-led voluntary society, created to provide advice to current students with mental health difficulties during their studies, and opportunities to make friends.

About the society

We are a student-led society, intended to provide advice and inclusionfor students with mental health difficulties during their studies, and provide an inclusive safespace that helps others develop a sense of belonging at Staffs, and give them opportunities to make new friends; by organising socials, and (on occasion) fundraisers for various menal health charities.

About the committee

Society Manager - Amy Smith

Hi there, I'm Amy. I've been interested in Mental Health for a while now, prior to starting university I worked and studied around health including being a carer, which has continued into my uni years. Mental Health is important to me as I feel there is so much more which could be done in terms of help and I am fully aware that not everyone knows who to go to or where to turn for help. Not one person with a mental health sickness is the same and thus should not be treated the same. As manager of the society I hope to help and support students in their time of need and promote positivity. 

My point of contact other than the email provided will be my facebook, I look forward to meeting you all and I hope everyone has a great year ahead :) 

Communications Officer - Nick Heywood

Hello, mental health has been important to me in the past 10 years due to personal circumstances, and after actively promoting mental health on-campus and supporting students in need of help/advice in recent years, I decided to put my experience to use in the Communications Officer role of this society. I hope to aid in providing a positive student experience for you :)

If you wish to contact me on Facebook, my committee account can be found via this link hope you are well, and that you enjoy your time at Staffs!

Finance Officer - Gabby Sutton

I’m Gabby Sutton. I’m the finance officer for the Mental Health and Well-being Society. I joined the society in my first year of university before becoming the Finance officer this year. This society allows people like myself, that have experienced mental health issues through others and themselves, to have a place where they belong. I aim to highlight the needs of our members and aid them in finding the support that they need.