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 Welcome to The Staffs University Poker Society 


This society was formed to allow people the chance to enjoy poker whether they are brand new or regulars to the game, we did this by creating a friendly environment where all are welcome to learn more while having fun.


We run the weekly game in LRV/Verve on Tuesday nights starting at 6:00 pm with late registration at around 7:30-8 pm to allow people to get there later.


The buy-in is £2.50 and all the money is put into the pot, in which the top 3 players will split the cash.


If you would like to "Give it a Go!", please come down to one of our "Weekly Poker Tournament" events which you can find here: 


Membership costs just £3 and gets you all of these great benefits!

-Regular invite to our regular Tuesday games.
-Be registered to play in our league.
-Invite to our Poker Chat.
-Invite to any society meets/larger tournaments.
-Able to play/read any new equipment our society purchases.


More details can be found on our facebook page;

If you want to learn more about poker before attending our society or you are just curious there is a helpful yet simple guide found here at;



Poker Society Coronavirus Rules – Updated 10/10/20

Next Revision: 17/10/20

  • Upon entering, please go through Verve and then to LRV. This allows us and the union to effectively use the track and trace system.


  • Make sure you keep your face mask on and wash your hands as you come in. You may remove your face mask only when drinking and eating.


  • When in the LRV, please seek out James, Addison or Ben. We will direct you to where you need to go next.


  • Once you are allocated a table, please remain seated for the duration of the tournament unless it is necessary. Please use the bottle of hand gel on your table regularly.


  • If you would like to rebuy or that you have been knocked out and do not intend to continue playing, please call from your table or inform your dealer who can let a committee member know.


By attending our tournaments, you acknowledge these rules and agree to follow them.