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The house of weebs at Staffordshire University

So what exactly are we?

Anime, put simply, is Japanese cartoons. As a group, we are simply people who enjoy watching them and talking about them. We watch a variety of shows as a group, and have members with watch time ranging from a few hours to a few years worth of shows. So no matter where you are on the spectrum, so long you're interested in the medium, I'm certain you will find someone to talk to about your favourite animes!

Our membership costs £3, which we will put towards subscriptions to anime services so we can put on viewings on a big screen as well as snacks for the events!

The events we run consist of (subject to change due to social distancing measures):

  • Weekly anime nights, every Monday we meet together in T005 at 5PM and watch some stuff together. These act as great entry points, as we usually watch the starting few episodes of different shows.
  • Fortnightly Miscelanous events, these generally happen on Wednesdays and include games nights, karaoke and quiz night and other social acitivties. It's a great chance to meet new people and chat about what interests you!

Additionally we:

Go out to see movies sometimes, attend conventions, send people to the shadow realm!



Chris Nolan - Manager

Connie Lee - Communications Officer

Lewis Cropper - Finance Officer