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The Guild of Assassins. Your one-stop shop for all things murder...

Assassin is a lifestyle-invasive game in which players eliminate each other using a variety of non-harmful weaponry.

Anyone, anywhere, could be an Assassin waiting to pounce.

You should be distrustful of strangers or even your own friends; they may just be lulling you into a false sense of security before they strike. While playing a game of Assassin you are never safe; it can be nerve-wracking and you may even find yourself hiding in a cupboard, but that’s all part of the fun!

Previous games of Assassin have seen chases across the city, interesting back-alley dueling, and even a player being tracked down and hunted while on holiday in France!

Happy Assassinating!

Next Event: The Hunted! 1st  -  8th of May

Imagine Tag, but with Guns. A team of players (The Hunted) will spend a week trying to stay alive whilst going about their daily routine. Your Job is to kill them. If you are successful, then you take their place amongst The Hunted. Whomever is one of The Hunted at noon on the 8th is the Victor.


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