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The Guild of Assassins

Assassin is a lifestyle-invasive game in which players eliminate each other using a variety of non-harmful proxy weaponry. It can be played solo or in a team, with the aim of the elimination of opponent players. Potentially, anybody anywhere could be an Assassin waiting to pounce. You should be paranoid and distrustful of strangers or even your own friends; they may just be lulling you into a false sense of security before they strike. While playing a game of Assassin you are never safe; it can be nerve-wracking and you may even find yourself hiding in a cupboard, but that’s all part of the fun! The pace of the game is entirely up to you. Players may wish to stake out their target and research their schedule and movements, or simply conduct their normal routine with a weapon concealed in their pocket for chance encounters. Previous games of Assassin have seen chases across the city, tense information swaps that have ended in a shoot-out, and some interesting back-alley duelling. Happy Assassinating!

Like our Facebook page at staffsassassin or join our Discord server at for updates. Members who join the society through the Staffs Union website will be added to the private Facebook group where games are organised and run.