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A friendly society that prides itself on self-expression and the love for creative writing.


Whether you’re looking to improve your technical ability with supportive feedback, recommend your favourite books, or engage in varied group activities; there’s something for every style of writer.

Due to recent events, we will begin our sessions over Discord, where we’ll host interactive group activities and share helpful resources. However, we will wish to return to mixed face-to-face sessions by Semester 2. Additionally, please feel free to upload any larger pieces of writing to our new Google Drive, and take in some inspiration from past exercises.


As a member of our society, here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

  • Book discussions
  • Themed writing activities
  • Casual lessons around authors and themes important to you
  • Freedom for our members to run their own session
  • Constructive group feedback on personal projects
  • Private publishing’s of our best work!
  • The opportunity to collaborate with neighbouring societies
  • The chance to enter competitions like ‘NaNoWriMo’
  • And many more projects to be announced!

On top of all this, we aim to have our own website up and running from the start of this term that’ll contain all your group work, weekly blog updates, and a large range of exciting upcoming projects we hope to unveil to our new members!


Here are a few words from our team:

Brandon Cornah – Manager

As your society leader, I'm looking forward to running sessions and seeing what writing we can achieve as a group - new and existing members, welcome!

Sufia Imran – Communications Officer

I will try my best to maintain a smooth and easy communication between our members, committee, and union. I’ll also keep you all updated on any events organised, news, or general updates.

Scott Gay – Finance Officer

As the Finance Officer, it’s my job to make sure we get the most out of your membership. It’ll be my top priority that members have opportunities that go beyond their sign-up fees.


If you feel this group’s for you, please feel free to express interest here and join our taster sessions running for the first few weeks of term; or alternatively, sign up now to secure your place with us! If you have any burning questions, we will be more than happy to talk to you over Facebook messenger, email, or over Discord.

Don’t forget to follow us online, for regular updates and friendly introductions!


Google Drive: