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The Education society has been created as a place where all students from all levels, can come together and share their experiences, ideas and positive professional relationships.

Collaboration, Connections, and Companionships

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As a team effort, we will collaborate and plan exciting events and all sorts of activities outside of lectures, to give students the chance to meet other like-minded individuals. Also, we support each other to be the best we can be. This will provide all Education Society members with a sense of belonging and a community for all students to represent their academic interests, and stop them from feeling isolated when/if they are moving away from home. 

By joining the Education Society the students will not only gather faith, fun, and friendships, they will also be able to move into the world of work, with prior knowledge of their profession, that they will be progressing into. With the help from professional guest speakers and extra-curricula activities as suggested above. E.g. Study Skills. Placement experience talks, etc ... (please get in touch for more information)

The Education Society will run from funds that have been raised through outdoor and indoor activities. Fundraising ideas come from monthly group meetings by all our members. (These ideas are greatly appreciated and received via email too.)

Please join the Education Society today, to help yourself and to help us, to help the next generation to come.

Best wishes 

Education Society Society Team.