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A group for both lovers and people with a simple interest of the all popular franchise Pokemon! Come along, meet other trainers, and become our ultimate Pokemon Trainer

We are the Pokemon Society!

We are a group of like-minded people who enjoy the all popular franchise Pokemon!


What we do

Socials - Come along to our Socials! Bring your favourite Pokemon game and battle/trade with fellow members, play other games with us such as Mario Kart or Mario Party, or just simply hang out. We also occasionally run Pokemon-themed quizzes and games, giving you a chance to win cool prizes! 

Pokemon Go Hunts - Do you like Pokemon Go? Then come along with us on our Pokemon Go hunts! Battle local gyms and participate in raids with your fellow Pokemon trainers

Tournaments - Do you want to be the very best? Then why not enter one of our tournaments and battle to become the Pokemon champion! (A 3DS along with Pokemon Sun/Moon or Ultra Sun/Moon is required to participate)

Staffordshire University Pokémon (SUP) League - If you're one of our Trainers you can battle the Gym Leaders and Elite 4 who have built their very own teams with their own strength. If you win you can get the chance to earn one of the badges that the Gym leaders & Elite 4 have designed themselves.

Pokéwatch Nights - Round up your friends and come and join us for our Pokemon Movie Nights where we'll be watching most of the Pokemon Movies in order, one by one 

TCG nights - Our TCG group is small so we make sure that you guys get to play every week when we have something happen so Quiz nights, Pokéwatch nights and Socials we have a set up just so no one is ever missing out

The Committee


Society Manager - Emily Hodgson
                             - Maximillian Horsley

Communications Officer - Nadine Green
                                           - Ben Hedley

Finance Officer - Jamie Ho
                           - Adam Frank


Communications Officer Election

Manager Officer Election No elections are currently running