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A group for both casual and hardcore fans of the popular franchise Pokémon! Come along, meet other trainers, and become part of the family.

Welcome to the Pokémon Society!

Choose Your Adventure with Staffs Pokémon Society.

This Year (2020/2021) we are adapting to a "remote environment" where we're all too familiar with, home. The committee has come together and planned some unique future events that stick with the social distancing guidelines.

What We Do


Our Social nights are a few hours on a Thursday evening where we sit about Playing a variety of games, compete in fun quizzes and learn some new things from our Pokémon Masters. Come along or connect to our Socials! Bring your favourite Pokémon game and battle/trade with fellow members, play other games with us such as Mario Kart or Mario Party, or just simply hang out.


Pokémon Go

We have a massive variety of ways for our members to get involved in our Pokémon Go community by showing off their skills in multiple ways. Photography Comps; once a month we give out a themed task for our PoGo Players to show off their skills and get some great photos. Weekly Walks; with the walks, we aim to get a good 1+ hour walk getting as many gyms and or Raids as possible we do have a variety of people in the different teams. Weekly Target Comps; This is where we have the teams battle to get the highest Weight, the biggest CP or the smallest/tallest Pokémon that week the Winner gains a point for their team and gets to choose next weeks task




Pokémon Movie Nights

Our movies night are a nice night where we gather our members

TCG nights




Live Events



The Committee 2020-2021

Society Manager - Emily Hodgson

Communications Officer - Nadine Green

Finance Officer - Jamie Ho


More questions or interested in some of our events check out our social media