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A group of Super Smash Bros. players interested in casual, competitive and spectating all things Smash (including games like Rivals of Aether). Open to all skill levels.


Who are we?

We're a group of Super Smash Bros. fans and players interested in competing in tournaments, playing the game casually and just generally having fun.

We play:

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Rivals of Aether
  • Other silly platformer games

What we do

This year we want to get more of u's competing in external events (Within the Midland's area, maybe even further), more people from outside the University to come in and play with us in our bi-weeklie's, and maybe even a rivalry with Keele.

Whether you're brand new to Smash Bros. and want to learn one of the games, or if you have been wave-shining Captain Falcon's on Final Destination since you were 12, we will always have time for you

We might even crack out the N64 for Smash Bro's. if you ask nicely

We're going to have a great year, so it'll be nice to have you onboard.

When we meet

We meet every Wednesday for our casual weekly meetup, where we sit down, play the game, practice and have fun. On every other Sunday, we hold the biweekly event, where we run a tournament with paid entry. You can confirm dates on the Facebook page under event's.


Next Event



Every Wednesday 1pm - 5pm

S500, Mellor Building


TBD - Dates on our FB

Location on our FB