Staffordshire University's Award-Winning TV Station and Society!

Staffs TV is the official TV Station for Staffordshire University Students’ Union! Run by Staffordshire University Students, we produce a wide variety of high quality content based on Student’s interests, both in the TV Studio and on location. Over the past few years we have covered some of the most important events here at Staffs including the biggest sporting event of the year, Varsity!

We aim to give students amazing, interactive experiences that are not offered by any other society at Staffordshire University. Staffs TV gives all its members amazing work experience in a busy and realistic broadcast environment, with no prior experience being requirked. A wide range of opportunities are available, including:
Editing, Directing, Writing, Producing, Presenting and Much More!
We also have lots of opportunites for people who want to focus on the technical side of Live Streaming. We own, use, and maintain industry-standard streaming equipment which all of our members have a chance to get to know if they wish.
All students are welcome, even those not on a Film or Media course.
How to join
We are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to learn about the different roles in TV, whether it be in front or behind of the camera! We will be holding a Give-it-a-Go session in September, where you can be introduced to our lovely team, and experience the fun of live TV hands on. Once you're ready to join please click the Buy button at the top of this page to officially become a member of the society.
Our membership is now FREE This gives you access to the wealth of resources exclusively available to our members including our Outside Broadcast Kit, dedicated studio time, access to our events and the ability to submit and potentially win a NaSTA Award!

Want More?

To find out more about us, including information on our Give-it-a-Go sessions and our shows, check out our social media pages or watch some of the hours of content on our YouTube Channel: