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The Staf-FUR-Dshire Society is a small community of those that are in, or are somewhat interested in the furry sub-culture.


"Now what is this furry sub-culture?" You may ask. Well to put it simply, it is a interest of anthropomorphic animals! Those that are interested in this sub-culture usually create these human-like animal characters to represent themselves or simply just for fun! 


What do we do?

Arts and craft sessions - Feeling arty? Well on most weeks we plan on gathering and simply just creating art based around this interest.

Gaming nights - Depending on how many of you want to play videogames, we can simply plan ahead if mentioned and set up gaming sessions! 

Conventions – Being as we are a admittedly niche group of people it makes sense that conventions would be the way to go for our society trips, they were essentially made for us!


You can join our discord here:

Our committee:

Society Manager – Spencer Gregg (A.K.A Nighbos Sife)

Communications Officer – Katrina Jones (A.K.A Six Dragoness) 

Finance officer – Alex Nutley (A.K.A Jester)