Academic FAQs

I believe I have been unfairly marked down, what can I do about it?

Unfortunately academic judgement cannot be appealed. The University considers its marking process to be sufficiently rigorous to prevent  bias from affecting a student's mark. There may be grounds on which you can appeal a mark; for instance if there is an irregularity in the assessment process e.g. you only had two hours in what should have been a three hour exam, or you have mitigating circumstances which you could not disclose via the extenuating circumstance procedure. Please go the section on appeals for more information on appealing an Award Board decision.

Can I get an extension on my deadline? 

If you have a Learner Support Agreement, see if it allows you to negotiate extensions.  If so, talk to your course tutor before the assessment submission deadline. If not, see our information on Exceptional Circumstances. 

How do I apply for Exceptional Circumstances?

You apply for Exceptional Circumstances by completing the online form via your e:Vision portal. The portal will also allow you to upload supporting documents. Your application will not go through until you press the "send" button. Please look at our section on Exceptional Circumstances for more  information on what you can claim and how to go about it. 

Can I take a break in my studies? 

Usually, yes; but it does depend on what year you're in and it may well have financial implications. Please call us for advice specific to your circumstances.

How do I make a complaint about my course? 

If it is an issue affecting your cohort, then you may want to contact your academic rep and take the matter up with Student Voice. If you want to go through the University complaints procedure, we can  offer guidance on this process. One does not preclude the other.