Transferring course or institution 

Transferring between courses can be a major change to both your life and your course, especially if you are moving to a different University in a different town. We therefore advise: be sure that a transfer is the right solution for you! If you are unhappy with your course, do talk to your course tutor; if you are unhappy with where you are, the University's Wellbeing service may be able to help; if you are thinking of transferring due to financial difficulties, the Students' Union's Student Advice Team can advise you on whether there are other options.

It is important to find the right course to move onto. If you are transferring to a different institution, check their prospectus and talk to the person who would be your new course tutor to make sure their course is right for you.You will probably have to apply for the new course via UCAS. If you are transferring within Staffordshire University, the Student Connect team should be able to put you in touch with the right staff with whom to check out the course.

If you are looking elsewhere

Always get confirmation of your place on your new course in writing. The relevant agency: Student Finance England, Wales, Northern Ireland, or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland will require confirmation of your acceptance onto the new course. Always talk to the relevant agency before doing anything final: they can be a very useful source of information.

With some courses you will be required to repeat all or part of your current year. For others you may be able to transfer directly into the next year. Your new award tutor will be able to inform you about this. Details of who you need to contact are usually available in the prospectus or via the relevant University’s homepage.

Funding Implications

Transferring your course or institution can have funding implications.  Generally direct transfers ( for example, from the 1st year at one institution into the 2nd year of another institution) will have the least (if any) impact on your future funding entitlement.  If you will need to repeat any part of your course, or have undertaken previous study, this can reduce your entitlement to full student funding.

Therefore: before you make the decision to transfer, it is very important that you contact either the relevant agency or the Student Advice Team to check if you will still be funded (student loan, tuition fee loan, grant) for the entire length of the course you will be transferring onto.