What does the Student Advice Centre do?

The student advice centre provides free, factual, confidential, independent  and impartial advice.
We aim to empower students to shape their own best experience.


What service  does the Student Advice Centre offer?

The Student Advice Centre offers initial advice via the student advice point. This desk is located above the Ember Lounge in the Student Space and is in a public area. It is suitable for simple queries, but an appointment can be arranged if the issue turns out to be more complicated.  Appointment slots also are available where students can talk to an adviser about more complex issues in a confidential setting. We also offer advice and representation at various University panels e.g. appeals, academic misconduct, disciplinary, complaints etc.
Occasionally due to advisers having other commitments, availability may be reduced; so we advise you to ring and check first, especially if you are travelling any distance.
We also offer information about different topics on our website, this can be found by clicking here.

When is the Student Advice Centre open?

Our reception is open during the following hours
8:30am - 8pm*
8:30am - 8pm
8:30am - 8pm
8:30am - 8pm
8:30am - 8pm
* Term time only- shorter hours apply in vacation periods


How do I contact the Student Advice Centre?

You can contact the student advice centre by coming and seeing us on our Student Advice Point (ring ahead or pop in to our reception to confirm Adviser availability) or via telephone, via email. Please note, appointments can only be booked by telephone or in-person, we cannot book appointments by email. 
Our Advice Point sessions take place between 10:30am and 3pm Monday-Friday, are not pre-bookable and operate on a drop-in basis.

Where is the Student Advice Centre located?

You can find us in Stoke here:
Student Advice Centre (Above the Ember Lounge),
College Road,

Tel: 01782 294629
Student Advice Centre: sac@staffs.ac.uk

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Where can I find the Student Advice Centre Policies and Procedures?

The following links are the operating policies of the Student Advice Centre. They explain the principles by which we work, what you can expect from our service and what we expect from you as a client.

Code of Practice
Other Services That might be useful