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The confidential information you give us is necessary for us to advise you properly and to contact you regarding your enquiry.

To monitor service provision from time to time we will collect data for analysis, for example to ensure we are targeting particular student groups. Any data collected for such purposes will remain anonymous.

Your file remains the property of the Student Advice Centre, although you are able to access this on request. Copies of your file can be provided; a small charge may be made to cover the costs of copying.

No other information will be sent to you from any other department of Staffordshire University Students’ Union as a result of using our service.

The Student Advice Centre is always working towards improving our quality of advice and service standards. Part of the process involves an annual audit. We need your permission before we can allow auditors to access your file. All information obtained during the audit will remain confidential.

If you contact us using electronic mail please treat it as if using a postcard. If you need to divulge sensitive information, you may wish to do so in a different way. If you do contact us for advice using electronic mail, we will assume that you are happy for us to respond in this way.

You are requested to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time. If you are late you will not be seen by the Adviser. If you fail to keep appointments or arrive late, you will not be allowed to make further appointments for a period of one calendar month in the first instance, but can access the service using the Drop-in sessions which are not pre-bookable. Neither the Advisers nor the Front of House staff have the discretion to make you further appointments.

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