Other Useful Services

If you’re reading this guide, it is probably because you do not think the Student Advice Centre is the right place to take your query. Do check out our Advice page to learn about us if you are not totally sure about this. 

Do you need immigration advice (e.g. advice on visas)?

You need a licensed Immigration Adviser. It is a criminal offence to give immigration advice without a licence. Try:

Click here for the University’s International Student Centre pages.
Click here for the UKCISA helpline's pages.

Do you need emotional support?

Click here for University Counselling Service's pages
- Disabled Students Advisory Service “Specialist Student Advisors” information can also be located through the Counselling Service link

Do you need ongoing support with Mental Health needs?

Click here to see the University's Disability Support pages. 
Click here to see MIND's website.
- Your GP is likely to have other referral options available

Do you need emergency or immediate emotional support or mental health support?

Click here for the webpages of The Samaritans (Tel: 08457 90 90 90).
- See your GP: referrals for crisis intervention are done through NHS General Practitioners. The University’s services are not meant for acute crisis intervention.

Do you need long-term personal support?

Speak to us to find out what service would be most useful: a variety of services (like mentoring and advocacy schemes) might be able to help you. We would need to understand more about you and your needs to advise on who could best help you.

Do you feel isolated or need help making friends?

- do get Emotional Support (see above)
- check out our Clubs and Societies and our Volunteering scheme: making friends can sometimes be as simple as “joining in” on an Activity you like because you know you’ll have at least one thing in common with the other people doing that activity.

If none of this helps…

If you need a different type of service or support, or have tried these ideas and they haven’t helped, come and see us. We might be able to offer you more ideas if you give us the chance to understand your individual situation.

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Last updated: August 2019


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