Equality of Opportunity

The Student Advice Centre abides by the Student's Union Equality of Opportunity policy. The full text of this policy is available upon request.

Statement of Intent

“This Students’ Union does not tolerate any prejudicial behaviour to and within its membership. We promote equality to all of our students and a safe environment.

Any member found to behave in such a manner as to contravene the above will be reminded that equality of opportunity is at the heart of the Union’s belief and strategy- and disciplinary measures may be taken.”

If you feel that these values are not being upheld, please contact any member of Union Staff, or ask for a copy of our complaints procedures.

The Policy

The Union is committed to providing services and opportunities that are accessible and recognise the different forms of inequality that people may face.

Service Delivery

The Students’ Union has a statement of intent in relation to this policy, and is on display in all our public spaces. The Policy forms part of our ongoing staff training programme, and part of every staff members’ handbook.

Challenging Discriminatory Behaviour

Members have a duty to abide by this equal opportunities policy, and the Union will not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour.

It remains the right of staff and members alike to challenge any discriminatory behaviour, and such behaviour may lead to disciplinary measures being taken.

Where a breach of the equal opportunities policy is alleged, and it involves a member of the Union, it shall be the duty of the disciplinary committee to take charge. If an incident occurs involving a staff member, then the Unions’ appendices to the terms and conditions of employment (with reference to discipline and grievance) shall be implemented.

Right to withdraw services

It is our aim to prevent discriminatory behaviour from occurring, but we recognise that this is not always possible, and in severe cases, or where the behaviour is persistent, the Union reserves the right to withdraw any/all of our services.


We believe that it is vital for our members to be given the opportunity to complain if they feel the equal opportunities policy is not being adhered to, and we will publicise this opportunity accordingly.  We have a separate complaints procedure suitable to be used for this purpose.

We have a rolling staff training programme that focuses on dealing with complaints and the Union has a standard complaints procedure that will be publicised through our media, as well as having a comprehensive suggestions scheme.


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