What does the Student Advice Team do?

We provide free, confidential, independent and impartial advice.

We aim to empower students to shape their own best experience.


What can I get advice on?

The Advice Team can provide advice and advocacy to students in the following areas:

Money Advice

  • Student Finance
  • Benefits
  • Income maximisation
  • Financial Hardship & Crisis
  • FoodHub

Academic Advice

  • Guidance on Academic Regulations
  • Exceptional Circumstances
  • Academic Conduct
  • Complaints and Appeals

Housing Advice

  • Checking Tenancy Agreements
  • Council Tax
  • Issues with landlord/ other tenants
  • Tenancy Deposits

Disciplinary Matters

  • We can represent and advise you with things like:
  • Fitness to Practice/ Study
  • Student Disciplinary Procedure
  • Academic Conduct Procedure


How do I contact the Student Advice Team?

To book an appointment, fill out our booking form here.

Alternatively, you can email us for advice.

We are continuing to support students during the current Covid-19 pandemic. As you can understand,  in order to prevent the spread of the virus, we are only offering face-to-face advice in crisis situations. However, we can arrange appointments through Microsoft Teams or we can call you.

All students have access to Microsoft Office 365 which you can log into with your University account. This includes the MS Teams collaboration tool which replaces Skype for Business.

Advisers will be able to contact you by voice call or video link, even if they are working away from the university and do not have access to the phone network. Teams can also be accessed from a web browser if you don’t have the software.

However, if you have a smart phone you can download the Teams app from the App Store or Google Play. It will allow you connect with an adviser using your mobile phone like any other messenger app. This may be preferable if you aren’t near a computer.

Where can I find your Policies and Procedures?

The following links are the operating policies of the Student Advice Team. They explain the principles by which we work, what you can expect from our service and what we expect from you as a client.

Code of Practice
Other Services That might be useful

We proudly represent the academic interests of all Students at Staffordshire University. Providing advice, student groups and fantastic experiences that make us all very Proud to be Staffs.