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Extenuating Circumstances

What are they?

If something serious, or exceptional, which you could not foresee and which is outside your control has affected your academic performance, it's an “Extenuating Circumstance”. These factors may have prevented you from attending examinations, caused you to miss assessment submission dates or even prevented you from attending classes resulting in a loss of contact time.

Examples are illness, accidents or serious family problems. Normally extenuating circumstances will relate to a change in your circumstances since you began your course. Everyday occurrences such as colds or known conditions such as hayfever will not qualify unless the effects are unusually severe.

How do you apply?

Click here for a copy of our guide on thinking through an Extenuating Circumstances application.

Click here for the University's "Extenuating Circumstances Jargon-Buster" guide (.pdf file).

Click here to get full details on how to apply for extenuating circumstances.

How we can help:

If you feel you need more guidance on how to apply or how to make a good case, then contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre: we're good at helping to present things and good at thinking of sources of useful evidence.

Deadlines for submitting extenuating circumstances:

Semester 1 (AKA "Teaching Block 1"): Friday 13th January 2017

Semester 2 (AKA "Teaching Block 2"): Friday 5th May 2017

June Re-sit period: Friday 7th July 2017

August Re-sit period: Friday 18th August 2017

Nursing Students, Education Students and Students on courses outside of the standard undergraduate term dates, should refer to the guidance notes within the Extenuating Circumstance claim form.