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Your money is important, and when you're a student we know every penny can count. Your Student Advice Centre is on campus and our aim is to help you students to keep your finances healthy.

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Academic Procedures

Your time at University can be tricky and confusing, so we're trying to make some of your most common queries as easy to understand as possible.

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Student Advice Centre (Above Ember),
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You always need somewhere to live, and sometimes that doesn't go as smoothly as you might like. But don't worry, the Union is here to help you every step of the way, from renting a property, to dealing with a landlord who might be causing you a problem.

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It's not just your Union who are representing you, but also your fellow students. They work to make sure your student voice is heard.

But it isn't just others, your course could always do with more representation. This is where you come in, and you can become an academic rep to make sure your peers voice is heard.

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