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How do I apply to Trusts and Charities? 


If you are in financial difficulty, it may be possible to secure a limited amount of assistance from a relevant trust or charity. Most will only be able to help with small amounts of money to top up existing funding and tend to favour students who are struggling for cash towards the end of their course or those who have had an adverse change in circumstances.

The University Careers Service (based in the Cadman building) and the Student Advice Centre have a computerised search programme called Funderfinder which is able to provide you with a list of trusts and charities that may be able to assist you financially. In the meantime, there are certain things that it would be worth bearing in mind when applying to trusts and charities...

1) Plan ahead, check application deadlines and that you fulfil the charity's criteria.
2) Make sure you apply in the correct way i.e. do they want you to complete an application form or write a letter? 
3) Ensure that each application is tailored to the individual charity's criteria and objectives - using the same information for them all may be quicker, but is likely to cut down your chances of success.
4) If you are applying to more than one charity, include in your application a statement to this effect and that you will return any surplus raised. Explain clearly why you are applying and why they should consider your application above anyone else's.
5) Talk to your tutors about any supporting evidence they can provide.
6) Keep a record of which organisations you have written to and a copy of your applications.

See for further advice about applying to trusts and charities. 

Any assistance offered by charities is discretionary, and therefore even if you fulfil their criteria, there is no guarantee that they will help. Talk to your Department about any other sources of funding previous students have had and see if it is worthwhile trying them. Let us know how successful you have been and which organisations haven't been able to help and why.