Financial Hardship Support

Student Success (Support) Fund

The Student Success Fund is available to attending students who are experiencing money troubles or have an unexpected emergency to deal with. Check the Fund's guidance pages to see if you're eligible. The Student Success (Support) Fund is discretionary, and cash limited so whether you get an award will depend on your individual circumstances and the availability of funds. The Student Success (Support) Fund should not be seen as a guaranteed source of income and not all applications will be awarded a payment.

Exceptional Support Fund (Healthcare Students)

The Exceptional Support Fund (ESF) is available to eligible students experiencing severe and genuine financial difficulty during their studies who have exhausted all other means of funding. A grant of up to £3,000.00 per academic year will be available to help students who can show that there is a shortfall between their income and expenditure which they are unable to manage by their own actions.

This fund is only available to healthcare students who start a pre-registration course in England on or after 1st August 2017. 

Delayed Funding Loan

The Delayed Funding Loan is available to undergraduate students who have not yet received their Student Finance Maintenance loan and require financial support. This is a loan and must be re-paid to Staffordshire University. Students can receive a £200 loan from the University . Only one application will be accepted. Applications will be rejected if the maintenance loan has been received; or there is an outstanding debt from a previous academic year.

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