Other Financial Support

The Horizon Fund

We know that going to university is expensive, but thanks to generous donations to the Horizon Fund, the University are able to help students with a range of bursaries and scholarships to eligible applicants.

Their donors have been supporting Staffordshire University students for a number of years with bursaries, scholarships and opportunity awards.

You can find more information about the bursaries and scholarships which are available on the Staffordshire University website.


Most full-time students cannot claim means-tested state benefits. However, there are some categories who are exempt. The following are examples of such students but this is not the definitive list:

  • Lone Parents who have the care of dependent children
  • Couples who are both full-time students and have the care of dependent children
  • Full-time students in receipt of non-means tested disability benefits (e.g. PIP or new style ESA)
    • Note applicants must also have 'limited capability for work' before starting their course
  • Part-time or distance learning students

The amount of benefit you may be entitled to will vary with the rules for each benefit and the level of student finance used in the calculation. This is usually a portion of the loan allocated for maintenance.

Just because you may be entitled to claim a benefit does not necessarily mean you will get any additional help. However, we can help to calculate your benefits entitlement, based upon your circumstances. You can book an appointment to speak with us about this.

Trusts and Charities

There are inumerable educational trusts and charities set up to help people in financial need. Their eligibility criteria will vary from organisation to organisation. Some will serve people from specific occupations e.g. the armed services and others are set up to help people from minority groups. Turn2us is a charity that provides a search engine to find potential funders based upon your specific circumstances. It can be accessed by clicking this link