If you are being bullied

You have taken the first important step by looking to see what help is available. The Union and the University do not want you to be bullied and want to make sure your student experience is as good as it can be.

Whatever the bully has told you, remember: it's not your fault.

Whatever the bully has told you, remember: intervention can change things.

Remember: if someone's being consistently nasty to you online, it's often still a form of bullying even if you're not being physically threatened.

Do speak to your friends

If someone is trying to make you feel bad about yourself, it's important to have friends. Worthwhile friends will help you to avoid the bully, and knowing they care about you might stop verbal bullying from being quite so hurtful until things are fully sorted out.

If you think it would help; for example if you think the bully might not realise what he or she is doing wrong; your friends might be able to help you explain to the bully how he or she is making you feel and help everyone to a better relationship.

Do get support

The University's wellbeing services are there to help you

  • Specialist Student Advisors: click here for details 

  • University counselling services: click here for details

  • University chaplaincy team: click here for details

  • Student Health Centres: click here for Stoke details or here for Stafford details

  • Changes YP clinics may help: click here for their organisation details

The University has also compiled a thorough guide to specific local wellbeing support services: click here to see the guide.

Is the situation affecting your studies?

If your course is being affected, speak to your Tutor and/or Guidance Advisor plus the Student Advice Centre - you may need to submit an Extenuating Circumstances application.

Consider seeking intervention

The University can take disciplinary action against bullies under its student behaviour policy or staff code of conduct if the bully is connected with the University and you make a complaint about what's happening.

The Student Advice Centre can advise on your options if you're not sure what to do

In some cases, especially if you are being threatened with violence, the police might be able to get involved. Our Campus Copper (PC Simon Stone) is a really aproachable man: even if the police can't get involved formally, he's a good man to have on your side. Click here for more information on our campus police presence.

If you feel you have been the victim of a Hate Crime, we encourage you to report this via Challenge North Staffs as well.

If you are not sure what to do

Please speak to us at the Student Advice Centre or to someone else who you trust: what is being done to you is wrong and we don't want it to continue happening.

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