Consumer advice

While we are able to advise you on how to make a complaint, about faulty goods or poor service, you may well want to take action yourself in managing your complaints. Here is some information on how you can go about it.


This is a web based service, which unlike traditional complaints procedures, guides and supports you throughout the process. The system also makes recommendations on next steps, and when to take them, it enables you to keep track of your complaint, and all relevant information is held securely in one place.

More information about how Resolver works can be found here.

Helpful Sites

Reporting to Trading Standards

Sometimes, a trader may commit a criminal offence as well as breach your legal consumer rights. If they have committed an offence, you should report them to Trading Standards. You can find out more here.

Ombudsman Association

The Ombudsman Association is a professional association for ombudsmen and complaint handlers. Although not a complaint-handling or advice body, it can signpost to an appropriate ombudsman or complaint handling scheme, if there is one. The website can be accessed here.

Please note that the intervention of an Ombudsman may only be required once the internal complaints process, of whatever organisation you are complaining, to have been exhausted.

Ombudsman Services

This is an ombudsman service that provides dispute resolution for the communications, energy, property and copyright licensing industries. It is a not for profit private company and its services are free to use for customers. More information about them can be found here, and their services can be found here.

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