Protecting your home

Latest Home office figures have revealed that domestic break-ins have risen by 7.9% over the past year. Here are some measures which can help keep burglars out of your home:

  • Lock your room or bedroom, even if you are just going down the corridor.

  • Make sure main entrance doors close behind you, and don't let people you don't know follow you in.

  • Don't leave cash and valuables on display in your room. If you are on the ground floor, don't put your TV, video and other high value goods where they can be seen from the window.

  • If you rent a house or flat, and it is not secure, ask the landlord to make necessary improvements.

  • When choosing a house to live in, if possible select one with a strong door and good quality locks on doors and accessible windows. Even better, choose one with a visible burglar alarm.

  • Window locks, especially in older windows, will help stop breaking in this way.

  • Don't leave spare keys outside, or in a garage or shed. Burglars will check these obvious places. Put house and car keys out of sight in the house.

  • During the Christmas, Easter and summer vacatations, take valuables such as computers, hi-fis etc with you or arrange for property to be held in secure storage.

  • The average replacement cost for property stolen in a burglary is £906. Get insurance!

Click here to read a security checklist for renting property

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