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Please note: the Students' Union is not licensed to give immigration advice. If you need immigration advice (e.g. help with a visa application or appealing against the refusal of a visa extension), see the first four links on this page.


Your Course: avoiding problems or dealing with problems

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University Debts, academic progress, and visa renewals

The UK government has a strict system for student visas and visa renewals. If you do not attend your course, if you do not progress on your course, or if you owe any money to the University, this might cause problems if you need to renew your visa. Your current visa might also be at risk; especially if you are not properly attending your course.

The government also looks at where people with student visas are living. If you plan to move away from the University's local area, discuss the move with the University before changing address. If the UK authorities think you are living too far away from University to be working on your course, your visa might be cancelled.

The University asks students who are in the UK on student visas to get several forms signed during the year. Make sure you check your post and student email for the forms. Follow the University's instructions. The University must get these forms from people on Student Visas: government has not given Universities any choice about this.

If have any problems with the above you must consult International Student Support immediately!

If you need general advice on the visa system, see the University's International Student Advisors. Click here for their information. By law, the Student Advice Centre cannot advise you on immigration or visa issues - we are not "Licensed Immigration Advisers".


Buying a car for use in the UK:

If you are the owner of a car that's in the UK, you need to be its Registered Keeper.


1) you will not be able to pay car tax (see below); which will make it against the law to use the car on the road; and

2) if SORN (click here to see an explanation of this term) has not been declared on the car, the Registered Keeper can be fined


Driving in the UK:

  • To drive a car in the UK without breaking the law:

  • You need insurance (at least "Third Party" insurance) to drive the car you want to drive in the UK

  • You need a driving licence accepted by the UK (check on time limits and whether yours will be accepted if you intend to use your home driving licence)

  • The car must be taxed.

  • If the car is three years old or more, it must have a valid MoT certificate.

If any of these four things is missing, you must not drive that car on UK roads.


Looking for work:

NB: always check your visa conditions before working in the UK. If you are not sure whether or not your visa allows you to do a job, click here for information or contact the University's International Student Adviser.


Money, safety, and the local area:

Where can I find extra money for study while in the UK?

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