Finding extra money in the UK

The bad news...

If you have not already got enough money to live on by the time you arrive in the UK, you are not likely to find large amounts of extra money now you are in the UK.

If your visa permits you to work in the UK, working might be part of the answer. Go back to the previous page for links on this issue.

What else you can try...

If you are having trouble working out a budget, see the Advice Centre and/or click here for an online budget calculator set up by "Which!".

- click here to look at our Money advice service homepage (in a new window)

- If your funding from your home country is interrupted for a short time and you can prove it will start again, you might be eligible for an "Urgent Cases Payment" to help you through the short-term problem. Look at this link and see the Student Advice Centre for individual advice. 

Unless friends, family, or a sponsor can help you any more, that's probably all there is. But do ask us about money if you have any problems with it - it's unlikely, but there might be something special about your case that gives us other ideas.

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