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What is Be Safe?

Be Safe is an ongoing campaign aiming to raise awareness of the safety of one’s self and preventative measures that could be set in place to ensure better safety of student’s on and off campus.

Be Safe Cards

Halls Wardens have business cards with emergency contact details such as police, NHS, health matters, Samaritans and licensed taxi numbers.

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Union Angels

'Union Angels' is a group of volunteers there to assist students who have had too much to drink, by helping them find their way home and providing them with coffee, toast and water to help recuperate before heading home.

Cop Shop

We work closely with the Cop Shop Squad to make sure you stay safe when travelling, marking out 'safe routes' to popular locations including Hanley, through painted footprints to guide you to your destination.

Transport Safety

Travelling by train, bus or taxi/minicab is generally very safe but violent and aggressive incidents do happen, so it makes sense to take a few simple precautions to improve your safety and increase your confidence.

Find out about transport safety

Working Alone

When working alone whether it be on the front lines such as in the role of a receptionist or cashier, or working from home, you should always take note of various precautions to ensure your personal safety.

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Travelling for Work

When travelling to and from work or university, make sure to make note of some important tips to ensure that whether you are travelling on foot, by public transport or driving you stay safe!

Find out about travelling to and from work/university.

Internet Savvy

Make sure that you know exactly what you're sharing, and who you're sharing it with. 
Most social networking sites have simple settings that allow you to have complete control of who sees what. 

Make sure you are cyber streetwise, with these handy principles

More Tips

Read up on more personal safety tips from our helpful links below!

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