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Your Union

The union is a non-profit democratic organisation ran by students for students. This means that all the money generated from all the outlets such as shops and bars goes back into the union to fund campaigns, run the bars and shops and creates opportunities for you.

Our services for you:

If you need help or advice, please contact our advice service. They deal with everything from course issues, money advice, housing advice and more. You can contact us online or call 01782 294629.

Greenpad can help you find accommodation in Stafford using their lettings page. They can also assist with housing and contract advice. Greenpad are based at our Stoke campus Ecohub or you can email or call 01782 292000.

Staffordshire University Students’ union are committed to helping students in need. If you are struggling to finance your food bill please contact our Foodhub team. This is a confidential service designed to help anyone in need. To find out more visit

Interested in being part of the union? Become an Academic rep and represent your course today. This role allows you to be the voice of your course and help you make changes. To find out more visit



As a student of Staffordshire University, you're a member of your students' union and all of our members, whether on the doorstep or many miles away, are equally as important to us.

Being a student at Blackheath Lane has its own unique challenges but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have opportunities to gain new skills and have fun with your cohort. As we can’t always be with you, but are certainly right behind you, we wanted to tell you about a pot of money we have reserved just for you.

Your campus has been allocated funds for you to organise events – big or small - or run projects that may be of interest to fellow students on your campus. Each idea would need approval from the union, however once approved we will support you all the way, putting you into contact with the right people, helping you with any administration and helping to promote the event you produce.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to show your ability at creating something for others to enjoy or something that will change the change your learning environment for the better, leaving a legacy that other students may be inspired to follow.

To put forward an idea, use the ideas list below.



Where can I purchase branded University clothing?

Customised clothing can be purchased from on campus stores on the Stoke and Stafford campuses or from our online shop. For more information please click here.

Where can I find information about the Students’ Union?

You’re here! All you’ll need to know about the Students’ Union can be found online at or drop an email to

How do I start-up a student-led group?

Starting a student-led group couldn’t be simpler! Simply bring together three people to form your Management Team (one Manager, one Finance Officer and one Communications Officer) and then fill out a start-up application form to be eligible for up to £100 in start-up funding.

You’ll hear from the Student Engagement Team about your application with 10 days.

Click here to fill out your New Start-up Group application form.

Is the Students’ Union available on campus here at Blackheath Lane?

With the transformation of the Stafford Campus, the Students’ Union offering at the Blackheath Lane site is undergoing review. We’re working closely with the Student Office to find the best possible arrangement and we’ll keep you informed as we go!

How can I get involved in the Nursing Society?

For more information on the Nursing Society visit their homepage by clicking here

How does the Students’ Union meet the needs of mature students?

Where the Students’ Union does provide services that may be of greater interest to younger students, over 60% of the student body at Staffordshire University are classed as mature (over the age of 21). We’re here to help all students make the most of their studies, for mature students that could be us helping you apply your discipline expertise in a community setting, advocating your views and concerns to improve the student experience or providing you with a great place to take some time-out and relax. We’re here for all students and to make everyone Proud to be Staffs.

Do you have to pay for any Students’ Union services?

Students’ Union services are free, as they are funded by the University to best serve you. However, some products and services have an associated charge; for example joining a sports group that trains at a regular training ground, has a coach, equipment and league fees, will have a membership fee associated with it.

What amount of time might I need to commit in order to best support the Students’ Union?

A great question! However, the answer depends entirely on how much time you want to give. You could take part in Union-led activities on campus once a month or could run for full-time officer, this is entirely up to you!

Can I get Microsoft Office for free?

As a member of staff or a student of Staffordshire University you are now entitled to free copies of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus via the Microsoft Advantage subscription for the duration of your time at Staffordshire University. This is a full version of Office for PC and Apple Mac, where app versions are available for mobile devices.

For more information, click here.

What Nursing specific careers support can the University offer me?

The Careers Network is here for you from the very moment you enrol at Staffordshire University, and forever after!

They offer a range of innovative services, including:

  • eCoach, the online careers portal

  • Face to face and email employability coaching

  • Careers fairs and networking events

  • Unitemps, the on campus recruitment agency

  • A centralised sandwich placements team.

To help you:

  • Get part-time work and work experience

  • Plan and make decisions about your future career

  • Prepare a fabulous, professional CV

  • Practice interview technique and prepare for interviews

  • Arrange a course-related ‘sandwich’ placement

  • Meet employers

  • And lots more!

Click here for more information about the Careers Network

How can I access library services on the Blackheath Lane campus?

For more information on the library facilities at Blackheath Lane click here.

What is the multi-faith Chaplaincy?

The Multifaith Chaplaincy offers pastoral and spiritual support, advice and friendship for people from all faiths and none. We provide help in exploring issues of faith and spirituality. The Chaplaincy provides a place to meditate and pray, a quiet place to spend time with friends and information on local places of worship and faith groups.

Click here for more information about the Multifaith Chaplaincy

I’m really anxious about starting my course, how can the University help me?

You can access the University’s Counselling service. More information on how to access the service can be found here.

To access either service you do not have to inform tutors or any other member of staff within your faculty; you may, of course, want to talk with tutors or other staff about any difficulties you are experiencing.

As a student at Blackheath Lane can I take part in any University activity?

As a Staffordshire University student you are welcome to take part in any activity or use any facility on any of our main campuses.

Do Blackheath Lane based students have access to sporting facilities?

Unfortunately, Blackheath Lane does not have any sporting facilities on site. The Students’ Union is working in partnership with local facilities in order to develop access to facilities nearby.


The Local Area




Stafford railway station remains the best way of getting into the town from around the country, with direct connections between Crewe, London Euston, Manchester Piccadilly and Birmingham New Street, which should be enough to get you anywhere easily (including Stoke-on-Trent).

Unfortunately, while the town centre is on the station’s doorstep, the Blackheath Lane campus is a bit further away, so knowing your transport between the two will become very useful.

To get a bus from Blackheath Lane to the station/town centre you have two good options. A ten minute walk will get you to the stop opposite the crematorium where D&G buses run a service into the town, or a fifteen minute walk to the bus stop opposite the old university campus on Weston Road if you prefer Arriva. Both are fairly regular and probably the most cost-effective way to get around.

Of course if you’re out a bit late and can’t catch a bus, you may have to opt for a taxi. There are plenty of taxi companies in and around Stafford, Kaminski to name one, that’ll get you home or into town for a reasonable price, especially when split between several people.

If you’re lucky enough to own a car, however, the trip’s easy, ten minutes along Weston Road and you’re in town. Don’t forget to offer your less lucky friends lifts to save them a bit of time and hassle.








Local Map

See our map below for more ideas about where to shop, find entertainment and exploring the local area


Click here to make a suggestion.

The Careers Centre is here for you from the very moment you enrol at Staffordshire University, and forever after!

We offer a range of innovative services, including:

  • eCoach, our online careers portal
  • Face to face and email Employability Coaching

We can help you to:

  • Get part-time work and work experience
  • Plan and make decisions about your future career
  • Prepare a fabulous, professional CV
  • Practice interview technique and prepare for interviews
  • Arrange a course-related ‘sandwich’ placement
  • And lots more!