Black History Month | Game Changer

This October we're celebrating Black History Month.

We'll be sharing the experiences of students, alumni and staff explaining why they're #ProudToBeBlack. There'll be events to get involved in and plenty of opportunities to discuss the hard hitting issues from tackling discrimination in the media to the Black Attainment Gap in education. 


Join the discussion on social media using #ProudToBeBlack and #WeAreStaffs.


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The BAME Attainment Gap | #BlackHistoryMonth

Blog by Staffordshire University Vice Chancellor, Liz BarnesRead

nom and friend

Students who are #ProudToBeBlack

Nom and her flatmate share some traditional family recipes in their kitchen.Read

'Black enough' | #BlackHistoryMonth

"Being black - or being black enough - became a part of my every day, lived experience." Read Leah's story.Read

BHM's Top 12 Must See List!

Do you know your black history? You will by the time you've read and watched all this!Read

Lecturers who are #ProudToBeBlack

Because we believe it's important to see yourself represented in Higher Education.Read


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