How To Vote

Voting in the Leadership Race is easy and secure.

When you vote, you will be asked to put the candidates for each position in your order of preference, starting from 1. You do not need to number all the candidates. Further information about our voting system can be found at Counting The Votes - How it works.

You can vote in the following ways:

Online Voting

Voting online is the easiest method and means you can do it any time of day.

You can do it on any computer with an internet connection.

Before voting, you will be asked to login. You can do so using your regular university details.

Voting is also possible on any smart phone. Just point your browser to and follow the options on screen.

If you have problems voting online, please check Can I Vote? before contacting us. You may also wish to visit an Assisted Voting Station.

Vote online »

Assisted Voting Stations

Throughout the voting period, there will be many voting stations across the university.

When you vote at these station you will require your University Student ID card. A member of our team will then guide you through using our touch screens.

Assisted Voting Stations will be available in the following places:

Stoke Campus
  • Ember Lounge
  • Verve
  • College Road Shop
  • Student Space (above Ember Lounge)