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Scott William Smith

"Hi, I'm Scott William Smith! After having an amazing time being one of the Vice Presidents at Staffordshire University Students' Union for this academic year! There's still lots more I would like to achieve as a student’s union officer! Alongside continuing some very exciting work that has already been started!
  1. Introducing a variety of live music on campus, as can be seen from Ember Live Lounge
  2. Working alongside the University to plan, build and launch the Smart Zone in Mellor for September 2019
  3. Building a 24/7 campus! I have worked to ensure the Mellor building is frequently open 24 hours. I have also introduced an online form which allows students to request extended opening hours to any building on campus.
  4. Provided additional support for BHL and Shrewsbury, alongside our outreach and partnerships co-ordinator. We have been working hard to improve student experience at these sites by getting involved in charity work, regularly speaking to students and taking action on feedback. Such as providing additional microwaves in the BHL & Shrewsbury Social Areas etc
  5. Integrated Points to Prizes into this year’s activities to reflect a student groups preformance against a framework, and rewarded them for it!
  6. Currently working on completely revising the way we do academic representation at Staffs Union to increase effectiveness and to create more opportunities for course reps and departmental reps.
  7. Worked alongside Technical Services & Digital Services to deliver the Student Hub Social Area.
  8. Starting focus groups to gain quality feedback to shape the union food & events offer for 2019/2020
  9. Student Opportunities: We have created an easier platform for students’ to create their own DJ nights, write articles and blogs for the union website and magazine
  10. Worked alongside the University Regulations team to ensure they are much clearer and transparent for students to read.
I feel it is important for me to keep the campus retail, catering, laundrette and sports facilities as affordable as possible for students. Maintaining reasonable costs will help keep the financial burden to a minimal. In addition to this, this year I will be looking to encourage external companies to provide deals that are more accessible to students at Staffordshire University, these will include commodities such as retail and entertainment. This will enable students to develop their social life and to be able to be involved in activities at their pleasure.
Work has already started in gaining feedback from students’ to shape what our food offer is for 2019/2020, If I was to be Re-Elected I would like to work closely with student staff and students to start implementing feedback collected into our venues.
Feedback we are collecting,:
  1. Understanding what current Students' would like from their events programme. Rather than relying on what has worked in the past!
  2. Exploring different training and recruitment opportunities to support kitchen staff in our venues.
  3. Understanding our customers and creating menu's that are suitable for all Staffordshire University Students'! I Would seriously look into the consideration of having menus for children and those that have dietry requirements.
  4. Changing process’ in the kitchens, with the ideal outcome to enhance the facilities that our kitchen staff have to use.
  5. Understanding what our students mean by good value! Should we be improving quality or lowering our prices.
I want to continue helping and assisting Clubs and Societies; pushing for more funding that will support points to prizes that was implemented last year so student groups can be better awarded. And continuing Tash's work to ensure the relationship with sports teams and clubs does not become a forgotten entity in the Students' Union. 
Finding a car parking space on campus in the morning is an impossible task. Understandably, as the University is run as a business, I understand the need to make sustainable revenue on parking, however I do personally feel that there needs to be a compromise to ensure all students are guaranteed a parking space at any time of the day. I also want to start having conversations with Digital Services around possibly having a system which will display how many available spaces are in the car park and where they are located on campus. In regards to BHL, there is scope for an additional car park.
Hopefully most students agree that we should look into having more social spaces and kitchen facilities around the University, especially getting these implemented into the new library in the catalyst where a lot of students will spend their night without access to shops and food venues. The option to heat food and have a cup hot drink without paying the often expensive prices in the Vending Machines, would be extremely effective for all students at Staffordshire University. Oh, and we are going to get Lockers! I promise, there have been some really positive conversations already with implementing them in the Catalyst building! 
The Students' Union is also a really good opportunity to have an additional social space on campus, having activities such as a Table Tennis table would also make the space much more vibrant and welcoming for students'. 
Where do I start! Blackheath Lane and Shrewsbury does not feel part of Staffordshire University and they are crying out for a better student experience. With the introduction of the London Provision for September the Students' Union need to review the way we deliver our outreach programme to better support these students' to get involved with Student Groups and union based activities! Alongside this is Dudley's, we as a Students' Union need to have serious conversations with the Universities catering provision to ensure the meals at the outlet are more varied, and at a cheaper price for Students'.
Some amazing work has already been done this year in regards to 24/7 with Mellor frequently opening 24 hours, and the introduction of the online form which allows students' to easily request extend opening hours for any building on campus.
Alongside this I am really excited to be part of the Smart Zone project, which will transform the bottom floor and first floor of mellor into a specialist technical space, which will allow specialist facilities to be opened longer for students'. Moving forward, there is still some key work to be done to ensure all courses have the same opening hours!
Academic representation is a fundamental part of any Students’ Union, alongside our performance being influential in Staffordshire Universities national ranking. Therefore, it is crucial to review and enhance the current representation structure. I would want to ensure that academic reps are given access to more opportunities going forward as they are a fundamental part to resolving issues on course/departmental level. Alongside this I would really like to raise awareness of our representative networks and department reps, as they represent demographics that officers cannot always naturally represent.
Thankyou for reading my manifesto! If you would like to find out any more information on how I would represent you, please contact me on
#scottForPresident #makeThatChange