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Geeta Lal


YOUR NO.1 elected NUS Delegate, YOUR elected BAME network manager, YOUR LRV bar lady & YOUR student ambassador!


My 3 Main manifesto points are:

Lecture Recordings:
Lectures can have lots of information but sometimes you miss what's said and what if you miss a lesson? Not everything taught is on the slide.

Prioritising Men's Mental Health:
Men are often forgetten in regards to mental health but suicide is still the number 1 killer of young men & 75% of UK suicides are men. I did MOVEMBER to support it in a purple mustache and now I'm doing it again in blue in aid of prostate cancer too.

Cut Halls Rent:
Just 4 years ago shared halls were £80 a week! It's now over £125 for the same halls! That's ridiculous! When the average en-suite costs much less at £90, why are our students paying so much for shared!


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Money, money, money
•    Sponsored Student Products
•    Students made aware of all scholarships/ bursaries etc
•    Free printing & other essential products
•    Reduce distance for permit eligibility
•    Cut halls rents. It was £80/w 4 years ago!
•    Less waits for counselling services
•    You vote - music & menus

Lectures & Modules
•    Lecture recordings
•    Lecturer Reviews
Students will be able to report lecturers if they feel a lecturer just reads off powerpoint. If a few students report a lecturer, they will be reviewed.
•    24/7 campus
•    Optional Additional Variety Module
•    Fairer & Clearer Resubmissions
•    Less sporadic timetable

•    Recycling facilities in every building
•    No non-recyclable cups at all venues
•    Glass milk bottles in all venues
•    Community fridge for union venue waste produce

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
•    Cheaper healthy & more veg/ vegan options in all venues
•    Promoting Social media-free & alcohol-free days
The rise of social media has seen the rise of mental health issues, so I plan to combat this.
•    Positive quotes and calming techniques in bathrooms
•    Prioritising men’s mental health stigma
Suicide is the biggest killer of young men & 75% of suicides are men.

Your Safety & Privacy
•    Campus control to walk student’s home after late-night work sessions
•    Prevent spiking
Placing pegs on drinks - If I can put this on your drink, what else could go in it?
•    Extending #NoExcuse to ‘It’s safe to speak’ campaign
Many students don't speak out about sexual violence because of fear of peers and family victimising them. I will campaign to strengthen the trust between students & the uni & union to allow them to speak out.
•    Section of Student Hub made private for services like counselling
Currently, when you arrive at the student hub for a guidance advisor or councellor, you have to announce this infront of other students & then a councillor will arrive, therefore other students who have have had councelling will know you are too.
•    Library area provided for LSA students & supporters
There is currently no private area LSA students can work with staff without the knowledge of other students. They may not want others to know they have a supporter.
•    Lockers for commuters
•    24/7 Mental Health Hotline
Keele University have a rota of students who are trained in all things mental health. This means, at any point, someone is always there, even if it is just to have a conversation.

Better Connected Staffs
•    1st Years Buddy system
Starting university can be a daunting experiencing but a 2yr+ student with similar hobbies would provide the student with an easier transition in their university future.
•    All students will be connected to their identifying network, upon arrival to university
•    Stafford and Shrewsbury network
•    Community, cultural & network weeks
•    Equal Rights Policy
Ensuring all staff represent the students they work for. There are not many BAME staff which sees less BAME interaction with the union and university and this increases the BAME attainment gap. I aim to reduce this by ensuring no discrimination at employment.
•    One officer a week at Stafford & Shrewsbury