Candidate for the position of Full-Time Officer

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Faran Sabir

All Communities, One Journey!


My manifesto as an Asian Leader for international students in the UK is focused on five key pillars: support, integration, representation, access, and community. I am committed to advocating for improved access to housing, mental health support, and employment opportunities for international students, as well as fostering cultural exchange and understanding between international and domestic students.

I believe that international students should have a voice in the decisions that affect them, and that their perspectives are valuable and should be taken into account. I am committed to improving access to funding, scholarships, and educational materials for international students to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to succeed.

Finally, I am dedicated to building a sense of community among international students in the UK. I believe that this can be achieved by organizing events and activities that promote socialization and collaboration, and by providing opportunities for international students to connect with each other and with the wider community.

In summary, my manifesto is focused on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, regardless of their background or nationality. I believe that education is a powerful tool for promoting social mobility and breaking down barriers, and that every student deserves equal opportunities to succeed. By focusing on support, integration, representation, access, and community, I am committed to working towards this vision and ask for your support in making it a reality.

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